An artificial plant is a plant that you don’t need to take care of. It’s a brilliant décor addition to any bedroom, perfect for a busy someone who doesn’t want to have to commit to care and maintenance.

For beginners in home décor and if this is the first artificial plant you buy online, try any of these trendy favourites.

Fiddle Leaf

Year-round, a fiddle leaf plant looks stunning in your bedroom on a bedside table or at a computer desk. For a faux plant that looks good and not out-of-place regardless of the season, selecting a fiddle leaf is not a bad move.

Cactus Plant

A real cactus plant isn’t as easy to take care of as some assume. They can still unfortunately end up slowly dying. The best thing about an artificial cactus plant though is that they’re totally identical to the real thing.

Crotons Plant

A crotons plant looks colorful, prehistoric, and realistic-looking. With its true-to-life detail, it is quite the contrast to the usual mix of tacky, plastic, and cheap-looking fake plants sold at local supermarkets and internationally-hosted corporate retailers in Europe.

Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree

Yes, there’s nothing like a Hawaii Kwai palm tree. If you want a big, brash tropical feel in your bedroom, a Hawaii Kwai palm tree certainly gets you there. Forget everything you knew about artificial plants. Even a botanist cannot tell the difference between real and fake with tropical palms like this.

Areca Palm Tree

If you aren’t a big fan of the spread of a Hawaii Kwai palm tree, it’s not the only tropical palm available. Buy faux palm trees online via and shop other realistic-looking trees including this Areca.

Fern Plant

Ferns are in high demand. A booming trend, tabletop artificial ferns provide a desk or table with bursting greenery that’s light and fun. A fern sits perfectly on any mantelpiece, windowsill, or bedside as well.

Bird of Paradise

Bring a little of the outside in with a Bird of Paradise plant. Green and colorful, a Bird of Paradise can sit nestled into a corner and is the perfect large artificial tree to build a whole garden surrounding.

Monstera Plant

Make your bedroom look lush and full of green with a Monstera plant. A super popular artificial plant in Europe, Monsteras are well known for their characteristic leaves. They’re as much a conversation starter as they are a home décor staple.

Alocasia Plant

Fake plants from Artiplanto like this Alocasia plant can make a plant parent out of anyone. No watering. No special sunlight requirements. You don’t need to be an avid fan of BBC’s Gardeners World to own a faux alocasia and keep it looking its pristine best.

Spathiphyllum Leaf Plant

The spathiphyllum leaf plant is a cheap but high-quality artificial plant that can be enjoyed annually or rotated out according to the seasons. If you’re keen to give your home something interesting and new to admire with the passing of the seasons, a spathiphyllum is a great fall-through-winter faux plant.

Sansevieria Dark Green Plant

Last on our list – but certainly not least – comes the sansevieria dark green plant, also known as the snake plant. Succulent-like, this little guy is for someone who is a little off the beaten path. Capable of withstanding the harshest of neglect, this hand-painted marvel is as close to real as artificial plants get.

Shop all the best artificial plants in Europe from Artiplanto and have them delivered right to your front door ready to be put on display in your bedroom.
Andrew Lu