For interior designers, every New Year brings with it new trends. As we set our sights on 2022, decorators and interior design experts are looking at the trends that are coming around the corner, feature a mix of relied-upon classics and wholly new styles, features, and aesthetics.

More Green

Green represents nature. Buying faux plants and similar items can elevate interior design by connecting your space to lively, eco-friendly greens. Even a green paint or an eco-friendly photograph on the wall can do the trick.

Home Accents

Home accents are very popular right now, particularly as they relate to couches and chairs. Throws, accent pillows, and decorative accents like plants are a fine way to accessorize or complement luxury fabrics.

Luxury Materials

Luxury colours and materials are in style in a big way. Your home is where you live. If you don’t have pride in what’s around you, you won’t be excited to claim it as your own. More luxury materials can make things feel a little more space.

Artificial Plants

Did you know that searches for artificial plants are up this year by over 600% compared to pre-pandemic – it’s true. A faux travellers palm tree is a great option for any bedroom, office, or backyard.

Sectioning Open-Concepts

Open-concept layouts are very yesteryear. A major trend in 2022 is to use privacy barriers, area rugs, or dividers to section off open floor plans. This assigns different areas for different uses, i.e having a place to sleep, one place to work, one place to paint, and one place to watch television, all in the same space.

More Personalization

Your personality is your own. Put it to work in your interior design with décor choices that are uniquely you. This is one of the top interior design trends in 2022 and one any homeowner or decorator should live by.

More Activity-Centered Spaces

More of us have been at home these past couple years than ever before. In that, a lot of us discovered a lot of value in having activity-centered spaces. A dedicated office. A dedicated hobby room. This type of interior design helps to segment your interests and schedule in a way that doesn’t jumble everything together.

Indoor Planters

When an artificial snake plant doesn’t quite do the trick on its own, partner it with a minimalist planter.

More Non-Traditional Design

A lot more people are wanting to design non-traditional rooms according to what they like. Search queries relating to art studios, home bars, wine cellars, home theater, home gyms, and home offices are all up in this regard.

Bring The Outdoors In

People love plants. They are a design staple. The more outdoors you can bring in, the better. Search out not only your favourite plants but materials like stone, glass, metals, and wood to create integrated interior design arrangements.

These are some of the hottest interior design trends in 2022, using artificial plants and more. For premium faux plants, crafted by hand, visit For your home and office, these make for perfect additions to your décor.
Andrew Lu