A small balcony often gets overlooked in home décor. Most people may not think there’s much that can be done with a balcony, especially when it’s moderately sized. After all, this is a tight space and anything you put out there should be weather-resistant enough to tolerate the rain, wind, heat, cold, and whatever else arrives.


In terms of a balcony’s function, it’s a place to enjoy the fresh air and should be treated like that. Some seating and a table are routinely included in balcony décor. You may have a railing, privacy wall, and a doorway that can be decorated with some home décor to personalize a balcony as well. Another décor recommendation for a balcony is to bring in some planters and position some premium fake plants. 


You can absolutely transform your balcony with high-quality and realistic-looking faux plants. The right plants in the right planters can alter and enhance how an outdoor space, like a balcony, feels and functions. Here are four ways you can do it.


Take Advantage Of Vertical Space


There is limited space on a balcony. That’s no secret. So to create some space to work with, go vertical, not horizontal. A small shelf of your favourite artificial plants works. Alternatively, if you have a hook mounted, you can use this for a hanging basket and/or a hanging plant.


See the potential in your balcony and what you can do to enter plants into the mix without overtaking available space.


Position Seating In Amongst Plants


Usually, it’s the plants that are fitted around the seating rather than positioning seating around the plants. For those who love greenery and décor though, try the reverse.


Set up a scene of faux greenery and plants, and in that put your seating. A flexible seating arrangement inside of a plant-scape can be calming and welcoming. Especially for small balconies where it’s for just a single person, you can really personalize your outdoor experience with lots of greens and décor, with seating set up as an accessory to that.


Buy An Artificial Tree


Some people do not want an entire balcony filled with faux plants. That’s ok. In a floor planter, a large artificial tree stationed to the side of the main center area can fill the balcony with lively greens and expressions without getting in the way.


There are a number of premium faux trees that work well for this purpose, from Bird of Paradise trees to olive trees, fiddle leaf trees, and a range of palm trees. You can have a cozy and enjoyable balcony without this type of greenery in the way yet still on the balcony.


Add In Some LED String Lights


To really give your plants a really pretty and romantic vibe, add some battery operated LED lights covering the base of the planter or hung in the trees. These are a lot safer than candles on a balcony, enhance the mood, and provide a nice ambience on warm summer nights. After the sun goes down and the lighting you use will say a lot about your balcony.

Pedro Capitao de Salles