A room filled with flowers, trees, or an artificial plant is a good-feeling space. Fortunately, maintenance is not required when you have faux plants in your office. As your hustling day-in and day-out, an artificial plant is the perfect accompaniment.

There are a lot of faux plants you can buy for a commercial space but if you’re serious about making a statement, these are the 7 to look for.

Artificial Ficus Plants

Ficus plants look so pretty regardless of whether they are in the sun or in a dark corner of a commercial space.

Try an artificial ficus plant that you can put on the floor and let fill the room with its natural green. Ficus plants can be rather bushy so be sure to provide them the necessary space to look impressive.

Artificial Fern Plants

Ferns come in many sizes and arrangements. Ferns are perfect in pairs or can be featured as individual plants.

With real ferns, you’ll always be chopping at them and cutting down their growth. With artificial fern plants, you will always have them in their most attractive look and shape. Having a garden-style office is easy with great choices like this.

Artificial Palm Trees

There are a variety of artificial palm trees, including travellers palm, Hawaii Kwai palm, and king palm.

All of these bring a breezy tropical aesthetic into the office, perfect for when you want to create relaxation. If you’re in a high-pressure work environment, palm trees balance things out. Pleasing to the eye and easily positioned all over your space, you can enjoy the warmth of palm trees whenever you desire.

Artificial Bird of Paradise Plants

Bird of Paradise plants are also tropical in nature. A mix of Bird of Paradise and palms resemble a getaway.

You may think you don’t want any relaxation in a workspace focused on long work days, high productivity, and high standards. Artificial Bird of Paradise plants are symbols of happiness, merrymaking, and are show-stealers. They bring a lot to your home décor.

Artificial Olive Tree Plants

An underrated first-choice, olive trees look sort of messy with their Bob Dylan haircut circa 1960s. That said, with faux olives adorning branches that can be shaped to how you like and a tall aesthetic, they’re a great artificial plant to mix in a busy office arrangement.

Faux olive trees are one of the most realistic-looking artificial plants in Europe. Try one in your business space.

Artificial Spathiphyllum Leaf Plants

Spathiphyllum leaf plants reach high. They’re big and tall. The faux variety can be shaped to perfection, sitting nestled into the corner of an office or beside your desk.

If you need to pick a faux plant for your office, a spathiphyllum leaf plant is top-rated. Put them inside a cement planter or a container that speaks to the uniqueness of your brand for a little extra.

Artificial Sansevieria Dark Green Plants

Sansevieria dark green plants are also known as snake plants. They exhibit a dark green look, artistically done but also incredibly real. As a fake plant, a sansevieria is succulent-esque in its appearance and texture.

For an off-the-beaten path artificial plant for your office desk, a snake plant is the ultimate replication.

Shop Artiplanto today to discover more benefits of office plants like these and others. Have feel-food greenery surrounding you in your commercial setting. It’s an excellent idea and there’s no ‘taking care’ of them. You aren’t creating any chores by going with artificial plants. Find your favourite at Artiplanto.
andrew lu