More plants is never a bad thing. They add aesthetic beauty, contribute a visual, and make spaces feel more natural, livable, and welcoming. The right mix of plants and décor is transformative. Take a room that’s cold and turn it into something that’s cozy.

If you’re unsure about how to balance faux plants in your home or would much rather have greenery that isn’t artificial, here are 7 reasons why every person deserves to have some faux plants with them in their chosen space.

Faux Plants Make A Room Feel More Welcoming

A faux Monstera tree plant is a great example of this. It makes a room feel more livable and somehow fresher. They help a space feel clean and like you’ve brought in a piece of nature indoors without any hassle.

Faux plants can really brighten up the surroundings and with very little effort. You don’t have to worry about an artificial plant looking wilted in a week, either.

Enjoy Plants With None Of The Work

Even if you don’t have a large backyard garden, real plants are hard work. They require light, temperature, water, soil, and then, even if you do everything right, a plant can still give up seemingly without cause or explanation.

Do you think a faux plant will give up on you like that – absolutely not! Faux plants forever!

Faux Plants Are Highly Adaptive To Different Rooms

There isn’t a room in your home where an artificial plant won’t fit to some degree. Lots of opportunities to move plants around or fit them into any empty area.

  • By an entrance door.
  • In the living room by a window.
  • On a bookshelf in your bedroom.
  • On a kitchen countertop.
  • On a bedside table.
  • In a bathroom.
  • In the hallway.
  • In a home office.
  • As a hanging plant mounted from the ceiling.

Faux Plants Improve Mental Health

At a subconscious level, most brains don’t recognize the difference between real plants and premium faux plants.

Evidence suggests faux plants, like real plants, can help decrease stress and anxiety, and improve mood. This is why they can be relied on to help liven up barren corners of a home or enhance office spaces.

Faux Plants Boost Productivity

Whether you have a hustle on the side or have a full-on work-from-home setup going, plants improve focus and productivity in some people by as much as 15 percent. That isn’t nothing!

As your mood, calmness, and well-being improves so will your ability to focus, feel energized, experience less nervousness, and be creative. This brings you closer to nature and helps with feelings of being confined.

Faux Plants Are Risk-Free

Artificial plants aren’t real. Real plants can carry diseases that can spread. They can be toxic to pets and people. Real plants can also bring in pests. Faux plants do none of these things. They simply sit there and look good.

Especially if you have cats and dogs that like to chew on furniture, a non-toxic artificial plant is much safer than the real deal.

Faux Plants Are One-Of-A-Kind Décor

As décor pieces, faux plants bring with them the sort of texture, patterns, and color you can’t duplicate elsewhere.

If you’ve never tried an artificial plant before, just buy one. Have at it! They can bring in so much color and atmosphere with no effort on your part other than setting it in a planter. The planter is another opportunity that you can use to fill the room with color that’s natural, intuitive, and textured.

Shop your favourite faux plants at, and equip your room with a treasured piece of décor and all of the advantages that come with it!
Andrew Lu