After the holidays have passed, that march through a cold, dark, and often wet January, February, and through to the early days of spring in March can be tough. If there’s ever a time yearly to make sure you’re doing your self-care, it’s the post-holiday winter. To help brighten up your days, try a fake plant.

An artificial plant is an amazing way to give your home an eco-friendly, green makeover sans having to commit to taking care of a real plant. Multiple studies demonstrate how plants can improve mood, minimize symptoms of anxiety and depression, increase focus and productivity which is great if you have a home office, and more. If you want to do right by your mental health this winter, invest your time in more of the things that make you happy and add to your day-to-day with purchases like faux greenery.

Here are some of the best fake plants to help you through winter 2022 until things are a little warmer.

Agave Plant

The spiky agave plant has a dry, desert look to it, sure to bring up memories of the sun and summertime. As with any faux plant, you do not need to bother with any maintenance. Your agave plant will continue look exquisite all through those cold winter months.

Fern Plant

A faux fern plant has thin, fluffy, and life-like leaves. With a fern plant, you bring some authentic greenery into your periphery without the risks of seeing it wilt and die. A premium fake plant is the next best thing.

Olive Tree Plant

An olive tree plant brings with it all the realism of a real olive plant but none of the drawbacks. Add the look of real greenery to your space with an exquisitely detailed faux olive tree from

Bird of Paradise Plant

A Bird of Paradise plant is a chic, slightly colorful artificial plant that is sure to give your home a warm, tropical look all year-long. Totally forget about winter and zero in on the charms of this artificial Bird of Paradise plant.

Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree

A Hawaii Kwai palm tree is a popular faux plant in 2022 that you’ll want to at least give a quick look to. With all the look of a real tropical palm tree, it’s an excellent way to spruce up your wintertime looks.

Areca Palm Tree

Another popular tropical faux palm tree is the Areca. With its light greens, year-round, you bring in a more beach-like atmosphere. Combined with a few key accessories, you can really give your room a true hot/warm summer-ready vibe.

Cactus Plant

A cactus plant is one of the top-selling faux succulents in Europe. Succulents are notorious for being uber-realistic when transferred into a faux form. Although small, a lot of artificial cactus plants pack a visual punch that will fool anyone into thinking its real.

Sansevieria Plant

A sansevieria plant is like having an incredibly large succulent. A highly-realistic plant, it’s a more unique selection compared to other ones on this list but is another great way to bring in some hassle-free, garden-inspired greens into your home.

Fiddle Leaf Plant

A cute fiddle leaf plant stands tall and proud, with big, bold green leaves extending outward. Although not the boldest plant out there, this artificial plant creation makes a grand statement based off its greenery alone.

Shop the best faux plants for winter 2022 and beyond at It’s easy to buy your favourites. Visit today and get ready to bring a little more authentic green into your winter routine.
Andrew Lu