Adding fake plants to your office has several benefits. Plants, real and faux alike, are associated with improved memory, increased productivity, bettering of mood, lowering of anxiety and depression, and more.

If you are thinking about adding artificial plants to your office but do not know where to start, generally, a work-from-home office desk is a fine place to set aside some space. Being a desk, evidently, you do not want a plant that is overly large or distracting. You want a plant that fits inside a small planter and that can be set inside the design of your desktop with ease. Here are some of the best faux plants you can buy online for a home office right now.

Faux Bird of Paradise

Albeit slightly larger than preferred for most work-from-home offices, a faux Bird of Paradise is a rare example of how to use craftsmanship to input realistic color onto an artificial plant. This creation comes out looking splendid.

Faux Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant

A small palm tree plant on your desktop can make for very nice home office décor. For more detailed faux plants, such as a fake Hawaii Kwai palm tree, do make sure to go with a premium plant-maker like Anything less could end up looking very cheap.

Faux Spathiphyllum Plant

A faux spathiphyllum plant is a good luck charm to a lot of offices. If you haven’t felt like yourself as of late or haven’t quite been able to lock into a productive rhythm, an artificial spathiphyllum plant offers all the benefits of a real plant with none of the responsibility.

Faux Areca Palm Tree Plant

Spruce up your workspace with a little more palm. The Areca palm tree is a little lighter on the eyes compared to the Hawaii Kwai palm. It’s a great choice if the character of your work-from-home office is a little more light-hearted than dark.

Faux Agave Plant

You do not want your fake plant to look… well… fake. It has to look real. If it doesn’t, it’ll only be distracting. A faux agave plant, also from, is one of our best-sellers and is easy to shop for online.

Faux Korea Bamboo Plant

A faux Korea bamboo plant is usually too large to put on a desktop and is one of those that’ll have to be set in a corner. If you have the space for a corner office plant though, a faux Korea bamboo plant has a real thought-provoking look to it.

Faux Monstera Plant

If you’re lucky enough to have a little bit of sun peering across your office desk, a Monstera will look brilliant next to it. A faux Monstera plant will brighten up any dark corner or lifeless cubicle, renewing your inspiration to get your job done right.

Faux Sansevieria Plant

A faux sansevieria plant never looks tacky. Whether you’re using it as a floor plant or on your desktop, made from high-quality materials by artisans from all over the world, a sansevieria or snake plant looks incredibly real.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Plant

A fiddle leaf plant is fairly common. It has some very beautifully crafted greens and isn’t overly attention-grabbing. For an office, if you’re looking for a plant that adds to the atmosphere yet doesn’t distract, this is a nice choice.

Find the best fake plants in Europe at today and decorate your work-from-home office the way you want!
Andrew Lu