Interior designers and home décor experts are flush with suggestions on what to do for summer. While the last few years’ home décor trends focused a lot on the outdoors due to COVID-19, summer 2022 is going to look a little different. Every summer, designers and décor experts often advocate for bringing in a little bit of sun indoors. Consider the indoors as a sort of extension of or response to the season.


Here are the best home décor trends for summer 2022 that are making waves.


Soothing Colours


Perhaps as a response to the ongoing stress posed by COVID, job security, and inflation, more people are attracted to soothing colors. Blue and green hues, these classic neutrals are pretty much the chosen colours of summer.


High-Quality Premium Rugs


Art doesn’t just belong on walls. Lay it out on your floor as well with high-quality premium antique rugs. A thin textured rug can lay underneath tables, couches, and help soften hard and cold floors, creating a warmer, more welcoming room for all.


Stone Pieces


The wide availability of beautiful, realistically detailed stone and stone-like materials has made it popular in summer 2022 décor. Stone can be used in a big way, such as a part of a table or fireplace, or can be as small as stone coasters.


Fake Plants


Fake plants are their own home décor trend right now. Lots of people are deeply invested in greenery right now, investing in cute fun planters, high-quality plants, and best of all, no one needs a green thumb to make it work.


Soft Curves In Décor


Similar to the use of soothing colors, soft curves in décor are being used as a sort of stress reliever. Turn your indoors into something relaxing and transformative with curves on chairs, sofas, and accessories in your home décor.


Minimalist Colours


Many people are taking on single-colour rooms or monochromatic rooms. The same applies to minimalist home décor that adopts only one or two colors. Anyone can carefully craft a very unique aesthetic in any room by adopting a very simple color scheme for your walls and décor.


Multiple Textures


Bring in different textures to your home décor. Use different materials. If you simplify the colour scheme, you can still create a lot of variance in the room by using different feels, materials, and textures.

Pedro Capitao de Salles