How you put on display your faux plants and flowers communicate a lot about the plant and person behind them. From very standard ways of using pots and planters to more abstract presentations, if you’re invested in buying fake plants and greenery, here are some ways to highlight them specifically as indoor houseplants.


Abstract Shelving


There are all sorts of minimalist abstract shelving that on their own look unique and attention-grabbing. Add to these shelves a few plants in trendy planters and you have a very beautiful minimalist display.


Use Mirrors And Lighting


An indoor display in a public area, such as a living room, can have added appeal when the display’s lit properly and/or with a mirror or two behind it. Mirrors add more visual space to the room. Lighting can also create unique shapes that are further emphasized in the reflection in the mirror.


Add Items In The Planter


With an oversized planter or a large artificial tree, you have lots of naked planter space. Put materials there. Wood chips. Colorful things. Crystal or glass that isn’t sharp. Rocks and stones. Create an unexpected and artistic display.


Toy With Geometric Shapes


Find a side table or an area of the room where you can fill with multiple faux plants in planters. From there, you can alter the look and feel of the room by using geometric shapes, i.e. sorting plants in a circle, in a line, in a triangle or square, etc.


Create A Centerpiece


A faux plant home décor display doesn’t just use the plant. You can use other décor, such as natural materials, glass, cloth, abstract décor, and more. A centerpiece for a table or using a planter as a starting point to surround with décor has no limits.


Symmetric Pairs


If you’re buying artificial trees 3 feet or taller that fit in a floor planter, instead of putting one in the corner of the room, use two and create a relationship of symmetry. Two faux plants in a pair. A plant on each side of the room or a plant on each side of a dining room table. If you have the space, this can be a fun way to manipulate the visual of large plants.


Staggered Shelving


Another approach to displaying trendy artificial plants is to use staggered shelving. These are like stairs. The cascading platforms allow someone to put multiple plants here, focusing on height, form, and shape.


Hanging Baskets And Planters


Especially if you have multiple small plants or flowers available, you can use fishing line or twine and create some very artistic displays of lightweight artificial plants that hang down from the ceiling.


Focal Point Of A Feature Wall


Try to find a feature wall that may be lacking a little or that’s overly covered with too much. Maximalism can be easily traded out with minimalism. A single feature wall with a plant against the wall makes for a pretty display.


Shop trending artificial plants at and design your own faux plant display or plant arrangement. Find an organic and unique way to present your plants that represent your personality.

Pedro Capitao de Salles