9 Indoor Artificial Plants That Look Natural On Your Office Desk

Does your office desk look empty – try an artificial plant. A plant – real or faux – can be a real mood-booster and improve productivity as well. Unless you’re really on top of taking care of a real plant, opting for something artificial that requires no watering or maintenance is a smart choice. Here are some of the best artificial indoor plants that will look natural on your office desk.

Bamboo Plants

Planter-based bamboo plants are a great addition to big office spaces. Bamboo greenery is authentically quite large. You’ll notice the handcrafted trunk and stems look charmingly real, combined with the thin characteristic leaves which have been painted by hand.

Cactus Plants

Cactus plants are for those people who don’t want a flowering plant. Cactus and similar succulents are quite innovative with their look, creating dimension and artistry on top of your office desk. Cacti come in a variety of looks and types, often minimal and slender and perfect for a small desk.

Palm Plants

Though there are many shades of artificial palm trees and plants, only a few varieties exist small enough for an office desk. A palm plant in the right planter – brass looks luxurious – is perfect for any office desk, whether it’s your own work desk or reception.

Crotons Plants

Crotons potted plants are one of the more colorful indoor artificial plants you can pull from. If you’re nestled into a dark corner of the office or don’t have a lot of natural light beaming down onto you, try a faux plant that’s a little brighter like a crotons.

Watercress Plants

Watercress plants offer a mix of light and dark greens, a pattern and a rhythm that isn’t found on other options. A relatively easy plant to duplicate in an artificial variety, watercress plants add bursts of greenery to your surroundings.

Fiddle Leaf Plants

Fiddle leaf plants are one of the more popular artificial plants for an office. Their leaves are naturally quite shiny and green, sure to brighten up any dull office space. Fiddle leaf plants are also quite tall. They’re a fine plant to put beside your desk or by a window to emphasize the largeness of available space.

Fern Plants

Fern plants are cute and a great way to accessorize your office desk. An artificial fern plant looks exactly like the real thing, vibrant and crafted by hand. Evoke a sense of charm that’s as welcoming as it is stylish.

Sansevieria Snake Plants

A sansevieria snake plant is another very unique-looking styled artificial plant. Fill in your office desk, shaping the overall look according to what motivates you. It’s a plant you don’t have to take care of or invest any time in. Just lay it out and watch it thrive as a piece of décor.

Orchid Floral Arrangements

Orchids aren’t typical office desk fare but in the right context, they work. If you want an artificial flowering plant, an orchid is one of the better looks you can get. The beautiful clusters of white atop stems of green are hard to ignore and instantly add calmness to the room.

Even artificial plants can bring up the energy in the room, increase productivity, and help you process agitations or boredom with more ease. Try it for yourself. Find the best artificial plants in Europe on sale at Artiplanto.

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