Real plants are a thrill. They grow. They’re eco-friendly. They smell wonderful. They also come with drawbacks. They can attract bugs and diseases. They can die. Some are also toxic to pets. A fake plant is better than a real plant, in a number of situations. Here’s our countdown of when you will want to buy a fake plant over a real plant.


You Have Allergies


You may be allergic to a specific plant. A real plant you can’t have. A faux plant though you easily can.


You Have Curious Pets


Some real plants are toxic. They can make your cat or dog very sick if they ingest a leaf. A faux plant though is pet-friendly, non-toxic, and safe. Your pets are also less likely to ingest it as they’re non-organic.


You Have Minimal Light


Plants need sunlight to survive. When you’re in a basement or are trying to put a plant in a room that doesn’t have adequate lighting, a realistic faux plant is recommended. A real plant will struggle while an artificial plant thrives.


You Have A Small Space


If you only have a small space available for plants, a faux plant can be more easily contained and controlled than a real plant which can outgrow its planter.


You Have A DIY Project In Mind


For the more adventurous, artistic, and abstract home décor lover, they might wish to convert everyday artificial plants into something a little different. A vertical plant wall. A hanging plant display. Decorating the plant using elements like lighting, all-natural materials (i.e. wood chips, stone, etc.), and color.


You’re Frequently Busy


Busy people may not have the time to care for a real plant. If you forget to water a plant or if its care isn’t quite up to par, your plant’s likely to experience some trouble. A fake plant doesn’t require any TLC or maintenance.


You’re More Into Décor Than Plants


If you want a plant more for its decorative qualities than to care for it, that’s an easy choice. A premium faux plant is the pick.


For An Event


If you’re throwing an event like a wedding or a gathering with friends, buying a real plant isn’t worth the effort. You can never guarantee a real plant is going to look the way you want for an event. By comparison, an artificial plant you can rely on to look a very specific way.


You Want An Uncommon Plant


Some plants struggle to grow in certain climates. If you want a plant that you can’t have, an artificial plant is a way to get around that. When it’s artificial, you can have a plant from anywhere in the world.


We adore real plants! That’s why our team works so hard to make our artificial plants detailed, realistic, and some of the best in Europe and the world. Shop with today and find yours. is where to buy the most realistic faux plants for all occasions, available in dozens of varieties, including palm trees, succulents, Bird of Paradise plants, agave tree plants, and more.

Pedro Capitao de Salles