The sansevieria plant is an amazing plant, perfect for rejuvenating any interior space. Encompassing a flavor of dry, desert plains, the sansevieria is also known as a snake plant. It appears to climb upwards, standing proud and tall. If you are looking for an artificial tabletop plant, it’s hard to think of any plant more perfect than this.

What Is A Snake Plant

You may hear an artificial snake plant referred to by names like ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’, ‘Saint George’s sword’, and other terms. It all means the same thing. How to take care of a faux sansevieria plant is easy. How to take care of a real snake plant is a bit harder, however.

A real snake plant, aka sansevieria cylindrical, is characterized by its dark green and striped leaves. They grow up to three feet in height, are relatively small, and make for an excellent houseplant.

Taking care of a snake plant, they need indirect light to avoid being burned. This indirect light should be relatively bright. Try to find a low-light corner to put your sansevieria in. A snake plant’s temperature should be kept relatively warm and above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid the windows with this plant during winter as well. A cold draft can kill it.

The only difference between a real sansevieria plant and a faux snake plant is a real plant removes toxins from the air, purifying the oxygen – something which makes it a great bedroom plant.

In look though, there is no difference. A fake snake plant is indistinguishable from an authentic sansevieria plant.

What Room Will You Put Your Faux Snake Plant In

If you choose an artificial sansevieria plant, know that it does not need sunlight, climate, temperature, feed, or watering. This vastly expands where you can put a houseplant. A snake plant like this can fit into any room, be it the dark corner of a living room or a basement guest bedroom.

A snake plant isn’t tied to a specific season or décor aesthetic. It can be integrated into what you’ve already got going on or can be used as a catalyst to add an entirely new feel to your home.

Sansevieria plants are thin. They can be nestled into a busy kitchen or dining room. They can be admired on a bookshelf in the hallway or set on a small table by your entrance. It can go anywhere, more or less.

Why Choose An Artificial Sansevieria Plant

  • A premium fake plant, like the artificial sansevieria, is made to resemble the real thing. Detailed and realistic, the snake plant looks identical to the real thing.
  • Enjoy the lifelike appearance of a plant with no responsibility involved. You aren’t committing yourself to anything special when buying a faux plant like the sansevieria. Everything’s already done for you.
  • Artificial snake plants have bendable stems and leaves. This allows a plant parent to handcraft the look of their faux plant.
  • Available in many sizes, there is nothing restricting you from buying a plant that’s the optimum size for your situation.

  • Enjoy an authentic representation of a snake plant. The design team at Artiplanto created the most realistic-looking sansevieria plant, with high-quality materials and an eye for microscopic detail. Shop artificial plants in Europe at Artiplanto.
    Andrew Lu