A variety of faux plants exist. Which you choose to buy is just as important as where you put them in your flat.

From beautifully-detailed artificial olive trees to succulents, tropical palms, ferns, and more, understanding what you need for your home relies on what you intend to use them for. This is everything you need to know about home décor and fake plants, and how they interact.

A Single Plant

Most home décor with plants is not done in multiples. It is a single artificial plant in a strategic location.

A tree in the corner. A small plant on a windowsill. A tabletop artificial plant for a home office. A faux fiddle leaf potted plant by your entryway. These are all common and acceptable décor approaches with plants.

Give It Space

Don’t crowd a plant. Give it enough space to confidently say it will be seen and admired by someone entering the room.

A minimalist approach to home décor is favored over other methods when it comes to fake greenery. You can also go with a more luxury or rustic look, as artificial plants are very adaptable. The greenery itself doesn’t communicate a home décor aesthetic and so one has to use the elements around it to make that statement. In terms of the greenery and providing a plant sufficient space, you can pair multiple plants together, make an indoor garden, or clutter individuals together, and still have it appear very stylish.

Shape Your Plant

When you buy a fake plant, inside the stems are wires. These allow you to reshape a plant to resemble the shape you want.

If this is your first time shaping a plant, you will likely find it surprisingly easy. All you have to do is duplicate what you see in the photo. The more natural the plant looks, the more it will look like something real. You can, of course, shape a faux plant however you like but you risk losing the realism.

Restyle Seasonally

An artificial plants collection always will look the same. Which is perfect. Except when you start feeling like you want a bit of a change.

Home décor experts recommend rotating out faux plants on a quarterly basis. For every season, plan out a different décor setup. This way, you can also come up with four very different interior design plans that can be used to highlight the charms of the season, i.e. warm, bushy trees for winter, tropical plants for summer, etc.

Centerpiece Or Support

A faux plant is either going to be one of two things – a featured centerpiece or more in the background.

If you have a dark corner or an area that’s unpopulated in home décor, putting a silk plant is a possible way to brighten things up a bit. Alternatively, if you’re having a dinner party and are lacking something extraordinary on your dining room table, you know you’re buying fake plants for a centerpiece. Understand which one you are aiming for because how you style them is different.

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Andrew Lu