Succulents are lush in their own way. Highly colourful. Beautifully-detailed. Artificial succulents resemble the real thing. They’re an incredibly versatile style of décor that would suit any room of a property.

Needless to say, there are lots of benefits to using fake succulents instead of the real thing. Here are all the lessons we learned in using succulents as décor and in interior design work across Europe.

They’re Deceptively Expressive

You may mistake a fake succulent as just another décor item. When you get up close or give it another look, you’d be shocked by how expressive this faux plant is.

They Are Adaptable

An artificial succulent is not tied to any specific style or aesthetic. For this reason, it’s very usable across a range of styles. They are seen in corporate offices just as much as they are on bedside bedroom tables.

No Maintenance

Real succulents need precise amounts of water, a specific amount of sun, and the soil needs sufficient drainage. If you love the look of artificial succulents but have always killed them or are simply looking to avoid the risks of caring for the real thing, fake succulents look just as real with none of the trouble.

They Aren’t Hard To Keep Looking Good

Like any premium artificial plant, succulents don’t die. They aren’t hard to keep looking extraordinarily alive and real, so long as you give them the occasional dusting now and again.

You Can Use Them to Imply Movement

A series of faux succulents in individual cute planters and arranged in a line looks clean and organized. This style of decorating attracts and guides the eye in a single movement, or can be combined with other artificial plants as a way to imply barriers or to guide someone’s attention throughout the room.

There Are Some Real Mental Health Benefits

When you buy a succulent, the plant you receive – like any plant – can produce a lot of good mentally speaking. Plants and greenery are known to help reduce stress, increase focus and productivity, and have been shown to increase certain metrics around happiness. This is why so many botanists, horticulturists, and gardeners would all recommend greenery, even if you’ve opted for faux.

They Have Beautiful Geometry

Succulents come from dry climates. They bear a certain geometry that isn’t found in other greenery or plants. This, in combination with how expressive they can be at such a small size, is why they’re chased by so many people for a desk plant or to put on a shelf.

They Come In Different Shapes And Sizes

A lot of people think of fairly small succulents when they think of what is a succulent but they actually can be quite large as well. An artificial agave tree plant is one such example. An aloe tree would be another.

They Look Great Together

Perhaps more than other types of plants, succulents are really popular when they are featured together. If you do group them, remember to arrange them according to height. Do so in whatever shape feels most natural.

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Andrew Lu