What to buy for your first fake plant is a tough question. There are literally hundreds of plants to choose from. If you don’t know, you might rely on what the best faux plants are, the most common, or the most popular. That is, of course, a reasonable approach to take. More than that though, you want an artificial plant that speaks to you and that you feel represents your personality. 

At Artiplanto.eu, we have dozens of great plants to choose from, representing all sorts of aesthetics and home décor styles. If you already have a home décor style in mind or are also searching for a planter and additional décor accessories to put with your plant, it’s a great opportunity to pick up everything altogether. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though! First things first! Let’s pick a plant.

Here are the best faux plants for beginners on sale this month at Artiplanto.eu. Highly realistic, handmade, and far superior to what you will find in-store, buy these premium faux plants online today.

Agave Plant

An agave plant is defined most notably by its spiky leaves topping each trunk. This is one of the more desert-like plants on this list and is a go-to for bedrooms, bathrooms, and plant-buyers searching for something unique.

Areca Palm Plant

An Areca palm plant is a striking tropical plant, dressed in light-to-medium greens and with bouncy, fun leaves. If you are looking to bring in a little more summer into your day-to-day, an artificial palm tree is just the way to go about it.

Sansevieria Plant

Usually referred to as a ‘snake plant’, a sansevieria has the look of a very large succulent. It’s perfect if you want a plant but are not into the big leafy look that most houseplants take. A sansevieria inspires creativity, focus, and productivity.

Spathiphyllum Plant

A spathiphyllum leaf potted plant is a long, tall, leafy plant that reaches to the skies. It’s easily moldable, allowing you to fit it into a variety of areas and is a nice way to brighten up a dark corner of a living space.

Monstera Plant

A common houseplant, a faux Monstera plant is a fun option for beginners with its large and stretched leaves. Like other plants on this list, a Monstera can be purchased at various sizes, perfectly adaptable to almost any space.

Bird of Paradise Plant

Last year, the artificial Bird of Paradise on Artiplanto.eu was one of our best-sellers. With banana-like leaves, a Bird of Paradise has one of the most natural looks when it comes to faux plants, allowing you to craft a true-to-life plant presentation that will fool even a gardener.

Ficus Tree Plant

A ficus tree has a winding trunk topped with a bushy collection of multi-greens over top. An artificial ficus tree can be quite large, however, so do ensure you have a good amount of accommodating space.

Artiplanto.eu has all these plants in stock and so many more. There are dozens of looks to view, each with its own appeal and style to bring to the table. Shop all sorts of plants at Artiplanto.eu today in all sizes, shapes, and types!
Andrew Lu