Spring becomes summer in June. With that, out comes the upbeat, sun-filled colors and décor fashions. A part of that no doubt is the presence of indoor gardens, lively plants, flowers, vegetables, and artificial plants and faux trees.

The best faux trees in 2021 are not limited to any one type. From North American trees to palms and tropical artificial trees and those native to Europe, there are beautiful summer-inspired artificial trees all over the place. For indoors and outdoors, a faux tree brings with it several advantages over a real tree. A real tree requires watering, sunlight, and climate. A fake tree doesn’t. Enjoy the green, eco-friendly décor with no risk of it dying on you or contracting a plant disease.

Browse the most picturesque artificial trees for summer below. These are our curated picks courtesy of Artiplanto.

Artificial Olive Tree

An artificial olive tree flowers with faux olives and has a furry head that’s not as widespread as other greenery.

For a more subdued artificial tree in Europe that isn’t overly distracting or fake-looking, olive plants like this are sure to put a smile on your face. Make a great first impression setting it up next to your front door.

Artificial Monstera Plant

A fake large Monstera plant does not look artificial in any way. It looks as lively as any other greenery in the garden, with a beauty that doesn’t have to be maintained.

Put your Monstera into low light conditions or somewhere with a cold breeze or temperature fluctuations and rest assured that it’s always going to look like it’s at the peak of its powers. A Monstera tree is a fine choice for a faux summer garden.

Artificial Dracaena Tree

A faux dracaena tree has a very dry but vibrant look to it. For a one-time investment, have a maintenance-free artificial dracaena tree as striking as your most colourful plants.

Inspire your summer with something exceptionally special. An enchanting dracaena is far from your typical fake tree but that is its advantage. For an ‘off the beaten path’ choice, try a faux summer dracaena plant.

Artificial Palm Tree

Palms in multi-colour green are infused with the tropics and look summer-ready year-round.

Growing a palm tree in Europe isn’t the easiest chore, unfortunately. That said, a faux palm resembles nothing short of the real thing. Instantly give your space a view of what it is to be surrounded in tropical greenery.

Artificial Travellers Palm Tree

Another type of palm, this is almost like a faux banana tree. An artificial travellers palm tree is strong, tall, and has much larger leaves than the average palm.

If you enjoy large leafy plants and already have some in your garden or home, a travellers palm makes for an extraordinary centerpiece. It can also make an equal visual impact, however, independent of any help and left on its own in a planter of your choosing.

Introduce yourself to a new silk tree, artificial plants, and faux greenery to liven up your indoor entranceway or make guests feel extra welcome by setting up a faux tree out front or in the backyard. Shop summer faux trees at Artiplanto today.
Andrew Lu