From plants you want to set out in your backyard to elegant home décor additions you want to make inside, the world of artificial plants has a mix of fake flowers, plants, greenery, and trees perfect for every room.

Making the move to faux plants, you will discover how easy they are to take care of and how realistic the creations of look. They look real! For your space, if you want a plant that’s going to look amazing all summer long, here are some of the best faux trees in 2022 to consider.

Faux Agave Plant

A pointy, vibrant faux agave plant is a beautiful tropical tree that’s sure to make an impact. Perfect for freshening up an indoor or outdoor space, an agave plant is a fine choice for any property.

Faux Ficus Tree Plant

Amongst the high-quality artificial trees selling big this summer, the faux ficus tree plant is a standout. Homeowners love the twisting and winding ficus plant. It’s hard to ignore a ficus in an assortment of large fake trees. It’s really an eye-catcher.

Faux Monstera Plant

A stylish pick when looking for a trendy artificial tree for summer, you have the Monstera plant. Monsteras are big, expressive, and have a very unique look to them. They’re a cinch to shape and place where you need. Initiate a relaxing vibe with a fake plant like a Monstera.

Faux Bird of Paradise Plant

A faux Bird of Paradise plant is an exquisitely arranged mix of shapes, colours, and textures. Decorating with a Bird of Paradise tree, you can shape and reshape the plant to match your aesthetic or area you want to fit in.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Plant

A faux fiddle leaf plant is a fairly standard choice in home décor, interior design, and yard landscaping. It looks incredibly real in appearance and has durability sure to keep it looking exceptional in the years to come.

Faux Korea Bamboo Plant

Another amazing artificial tree for home décor, a faux Korea bamboo plant is unlike anything else. With its finger-like leaves and the all-natural look, you can create interesting shadows and more from a bamboo plant like this. Embrace this one-of-a-kind fake tree for a sort of artsy vibe.

Faux Evergreen Plant

A lot of people think of evergreen plants and trees when they think about artificial plants and trees. Evergreens have height, depth, and color to them, and work in almost any area. If you’re unsure about what to buy, starting with something like a fake evergreen tree works.

Faux Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree

This is your classic artificial palm tree. This may be the best most realistic-looking faux tree in the world. The artificial Hawaii Kwai palm tree takes all the guesswork out of what plant is best. For summer, a palm tree says it all. Refresh your home with this take on a tropical fake tree.

These are just some of the best trees we have that are artificial but also realistic, detailed, and premium in their design. Create lush, warm spaces that highlight the beauty of seasonal greens without all the necessities of care that a real plant would bring with it. Shop artificial trees at
Pedro Capitao de Salles