A little bit of outside in never hurt anyone when designing the perfect home office for remote work.

If you’re a remote worker, a student, an entrepreneur, or you simply want your own home workspace, to succeed in having a home office, it takes planning. Of course, you need your basics, including an office desk and chair. In terms of décor though, you want to keep things minimal and focused on the tasks you will complete.

Why indoor artificial plants for offices work is because of the benefits attached to plants at work.

  • Plants are known to increase focus and productivity in some workers by as much as 25%.
  • Plants are non-distracting, adding to your home office décor without being unrelated to work.
  • Plants improve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and related mental health struggles, creating a more calm and relaxed work environment.
  • Fake plants in a home office are better because they don’t need to be managed and always look their exquisite best.

  • Here are some of the best artificial plants for a home office that you can use to maximize your décor.

    Artificial Monstera Plant

    A Monstera is an exquisite plant. Large, expanded leaves. Some nice greens. It can be a tidy plant, a wild small plant, or as large as a tree, extending upwards over two metres. It’s an ideal houseplant for a home office.

    Artificial Cactus Plant

    Elevate your home office interior with a faux plant that barely takes up any space. Try a small tabletop artificial cactus plant.

    Artificial Travelers Palm Plant

    A real palm tree can be very hard to keep alive in Europe. Fake palm plants and trees, like an artificial travelers palm plant, will last generations and are a great piece of greenery to set in a corner of your workspace.

    Artificial Spathiphyllum Leaf Plant

    A spathiphyllum leaf plant allows you to enjoy a near-verdant display in any small planter. Decorating faux plants has never been easier with celebrated realistic-looking creations from Artiplanto.eu.

    Artificial Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant

    No one wanders by a fake Hawaii Kwai palm tree plant without doing a double-take. It’s a fabulous accent to any home office, keeping things relaxed and looking amazing. A truly majestic artificial plant, regardless of its size.

    Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plant

    An artificial fiddle leaf plant looks just like the real deal and will brighten up any room. A perfect choice for a windowless home office or a workspace that’s tucked away in room with low light.

    Artificial Ficus Tree Plant

    An artificial ficus tree plant has a very unique look. If you are a beginner with fake plants, something like a ficus may seem like a bridge too far visually. For others, it’s the perfect office plant.

    Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant

    A faux Bird of Paradise plant offers groups of beautiful greens, big leaves, and is almost like a tiny jungle onto itself. Shape and reshape it to your heart’s content. Available in tabletop and large sizes alike.

    Artificial Areca Palm Tree Plant

    An artificial Areca palm tree plant is sort of an off-brand palm and a little different in its look. An amazing tropical home office plant, if you want to keep things light and fun.

    Shop all these realistic-looking premium faux plants at Artiplanto.eu and put some green into the mix.
    Pedro Capitao de Salles