Artificial plant admirers are always surprised by how much color a cactus adds to a room. Aesthetically plucked from the dry desert, a faux cactus plant brings with it a ton of vibrancy, personality, and interest.

If you are looking to re-design your home décor, artificial plants are a great way to do so. Homeowners typically go looking for a tropical plant, something very Northern European, or flowers. There is something about a cactus though. Whatever that ‘something’ is, we’re seeing artificial cactus plants become one of the most popular faux varieties in Europe. Perhaps here’s why.

Why A Faux Cactus Plant

If you are thinking about buying a faux cactus plant online, there are several reasons why you might.

Cactus plants look foreign in Europe. They aren’t a plant that would normally be found here. They’re reminiscent of the American desert, hot climates down south, and something very different from the climate usually found in this part of the world.

On look alone, cactus plants appear somewhat dangerous and mysterious. They thrive in conditions where other plants fail. Cactus plants know how to conserve water. Some are poisonous as well, further adding to their reputation as a ‘danger plant’.

If you enjoy going on adventures or simply enjoy the odd, unexpected shakes of cacti, a faux cactus plant may be exactly what you need to put a little beauty into your bedroom, office, kitchen, or living space.

What is the Best Way to Present A Cactus Plant?

In home décor, an artificial cactus plant can exist as its own element or in a combination of features.

Cactus plants are highly adaptable from a visual standpoint and can be surrounded with sand, branches, and rocks to craft a sort of desert look that looks natural next to your greenery. Combining your cactus with other succulents or cacti is another option.

If you want to replicate what looks most natural, a cactus plant should be surrounded by dry-looking elements. Some even blend in plastic snakes, taxidermy animals, and unexpected decorative pieces of this variety. 

The beauty to home décor is that it’s yours and you can do yours however you feel. If a real-looking desert snake is a little much – let’s face it, that’s scary as heck to most – then a small tabletop planter may be all you need to get an attention-grabbing look from your cactus.

If you decide to go with a fake cactus plant, don’t forget that this isn’t a plant that requires watering, a dry climate, or anything special. It will live on indefinitely left on its own. This does enhance a little about what you can do with a cactus, where you can put it, and how you engage with it.

For inspiration, check out artificial plants online and how they are framed, fenced in, and presented.

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Andrew Lu