Olive oil, a staple in kitchens everywhere. Where does it come free – the olive tree, of course!

There are hundreds of types of olive trees in the world, some as high as 50 feet tall! The type of artificial olive trees we are talking about in this article are much, much smaller though. Homeowners generally do not think of an olive tree when they think of a houseplant. An olive tree’s look is admittedly a little different. It’s a little darker, more sparse than the average houseplant. Used correctly though, it can pull off a real cool look sure to be appreciated by guests.

Does An Artificial Olive Tree Look Real?

An artificial olive tree boasts a premium design. It uses high-quality materials and is crafted by hand.

A lot of the work done on faux olive trees is meant to mimic their natural characteristics. With this in mind, older olive trees tend to have twisted trunks. The leaves are a tinted green with a silver underside. The fruit first appears green and then, as it ripens, it becomes the classic shade of purple-black that everyone is used to with olives. These are all characteristics that are used to formulate the design of an olive tree.

There are cheap-looking olive trees that look remarkably fake. When you buy premium fake plants, you get something that looks almost identical to the real thing. That said, olive trees generally cannot be grown in much of Europe as they require a long, hot growing season. Technically speaking, for this reason, an olive tree will forever look a little foreign in most households. 

How Can You Use An Olive Tree in Home Décor?

As you get used to the olive tree aesthetic, a lot of ideas may come to mind. Here are some artificial plant home décor ideas to test out on your property.

  • Use a faux olive tree as a centerpiece to a real garden. You can do this indoors or outdoors. There is no rule saying you can’t mix real and faux together!

  • For a true Mediterranean atmosphere, try the dining room or kitchen if the space is large enough. Any sort of cooking, eating, or gathering area makes a fine place to set down one’s olive tree.

  • A fake olive tree looks wonderful on a deck, patio, or near any sort of backyard seating area. That said, you do have to be careful with an olive tree outdoors as it can become damaged or fade over time. It is best to consider bringing it in over winter, for example.

  • A master bedroom can take something like an olive tree or a collection of artificial greenery and make it into something extraordinary. Form the branches so that they hang over your bed or position it in the corner where it can be a sort of conversation piece.

  • An olive tree is a great example of why artificial plants are so helpful. They reproduce trees and greenery that we can’t have here in Europe due to climate, limited sunlight, and cold temperatures.

    Buy an artificial olive tree online from Artiplanto or browse for other one-of-a-kind, true-to-life premium plants. You will be endlessly pleased with how you can use a large faux olive tree in your home décor.
    Andrew Lu