Anxiety is a debilitating mental health disorder. It takes stress and amplifies it to the umpteenth degree. Perhaps you have seen the impact that real plants can have on anxiety and similar mental health conditions. Studies have shown real plants can elevate mood, reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, and ultimately alleviate a lot of symptoms and feelings of anxiety.

What about fake plants for anxiety and how do they compare to real plants – well, it’s an interesting question.

Faux Plants Are Fake

Faux plants are not real. No secret there. Even when they are made from premium materials, they’re still not living and won’t offer the same air purification benefits as a real plant would. Regardless, this doesn’t necessarily impact anxiety. The difference, in fact, is negligible.

How plants relieve anxiety is by their appearance and presence. They don’t do so through photosynthesis or anything of that nature. It’s almost like how colour can affect our mood. Assuming an artificial plant looks real, they produce the same anti-anxiety work and stress reductions as real plants.

What Are the Benefits of Artificial Plants?

If artificial plants provide to you the same mental health benefits as a real plant, why would anyone want a real plant around – fair question. Some like taking care of a real plant. It’s responsibility. It’s fun for some. For others, it’s not. If you don’t have time to care for a plant, an artificial plant is more advantageous.

  • It looks real.
  • It feels real.
  • Crafted by hand from premium-made materials.
  • Lasts a lifetime.
  • Does not need to be watered.
  • Does not need to have a certain amount of sunlight or be set in a certain climate.
  • Always looks its best with no TLC or maintenance needed.
  • No one will tell the difference.
  • What Are the Best Plants for Anti-Anxiety?

    Some can provide a long list of anti-anxiety plants, such as aloe plants, snake plants, areca palm plants, and others. The best plants for anxiety though are going to come down to what feels calming to you.

    A faux snake plant, for example, is very artistic, pointy, and almost abstract. Some might prefer palm trees or artificial tropical plants instead. You may enjoy having a collection of tabletop artificial plants or may want a large 10” faux tree instead. There is no rule on how to use plants. What’s beneficial is simply having them around.

    A lot of people use them for de-stress activities like yoga or mindfulness. Real and faux plants appear to work well in this capacity. If you have just embarked on a new anti-anxiety routine, consider bringing your plant closer to you during your next quick session.

    All in all, if you aren’t sure where to start with treating anxiety with plants or what to look for in artificial plants, have a look around where you are first. Decide on where to put your plant and what sort of available space there is. Once you have this information, the only thing that remains is finding the right anti-anxiety faux plant to buy.

    Shop artificial plants at Artiplanto and see for yourself the calming effects a little bit of greenery can have!
    Andrew Lu