Can You Make Your Own Fake Hanging Plant?

Hanging plants are a creative way to get plants into your home without taking up a ton of unnecessary space. While certainly a beautiful way to lighten up the room, hanging plants generally come in a specific look. They’re really lengthy, vine-y, and quite small. Not all homeowners or decorators may want that look. Alternatively, you might be thinking, can’t I just make my own fake hanging plant?

Making Your Own Hanging Plant

Almost anything can be made into a hanging plant. With a real plant, you’re always going to face some trouble because they’ll need certain things. Light. Water. That sort of thing. When mounted up high, it’s difficult to reach them and provide them these things. This is why if you’re going to make your own hanging plant, go with a faux plant instead of a real plant. This way, there’s no worrying about whether it will survive or not.

When you dig into the world of premium artificial plants, the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can turn into a hanging plant.

You can structure a small tabletop fake plant as a hanging plant just by putting it into a hanging basket. This is the easiest way perhaps to craft a hanging plant. Buy the plant. Buy the hanging planter or hanging basket. Then combine them.

If you like the idea of using hanging plants against a wall, what you might be looking at is an artificial wall garden instead of just a hanging plant. With this, you can get a grid-like fence and place it against the wall, allowing you to weave in and out different plants, their stems, and their leaves.

What Makes The Best Hanging Plants?

The best faux hanging plants are those that are long and with relatively small leaves so that they are not swallowing the scenery with overly large leaves.

Assuming you want to design your own from scratch, focus on plants that have a little length or which aren’t blossoming with large leaves. A faux cactus can work. A lot of small artificial succulents can look really nice at high points in a room. Fake fern plants work, even though they are more of a grass.

Of course, if it’s all about space-saving, you may want to make a wreath or simply install a bookshelf somewhere on which you can put artificial tabletop plants as opposed to trying to create a hanging plant.

Ultimately, can you make a hanging plant – yes, you absolutely can. And out of almost any greenery you have. It’s just going to be about how it looks and whether it gives the impact you want. If you can’t seem to get the right look, try another method. You don’t have to have an artificial plant stuck in a pot or planter on the ground. There are lots of ways to fill a home with greenery sans taking up almost any horizontal space.

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