It’s a problem. You love plants but you just don’t have time to take care of them. This is an issue many of us face as we try to care for gardens that don’t work out or think about purchasing a plant for our homes.

Sure, some plants are easier than others to take care of. Most plants though can be understandably problematic when they aren’t watered, given enough light, or put in the wrong temperature.

Can you still have plants if you don’t have time to take care of them – well, yes. There are two options. The first is to settle for easy-to-care-for plants, some of which are quite cute and some which aren’t. The second is to look at how to buy artificial plants online in Europe.

“I Don’t Want A Fake Plant. They Don’t Look Real!”

Buying a faux plant to some defeats the purpose of a plant. “It isn’t living.” “It doesn’t look real.” “There is not a variety.” “They look cheap.” These things we hear a lot in conversations around artificial plants.

We hear you. But hold up a second. Let’s build a bridge to what artificial plants actually are.

There are super cheap faux plants out there. They look cheap. They feel cheap. They are inexpensive but they really don’t look like plants. Those aren’t the type of home décor plants we are talking about.

Premium faux plants are high-class, made from quality materials, styled often by hand, and designed by whole teams that work hard to duplicate down to the finest detail what’s natural in nature to an artificial plant.

This type of plant looks real, feels real, and comes in a wide variety of options. Common houseplants you may find in fake plant form include snake sansevieria plants, fern plants, Monstera, Bird of Paradise, orchids, agave plants, Korea bamboo plants, and others.

Brands like Artiplanto have revolutionized the artificial plant category, offering more realistic, natural-looking plants that don’t come with the laundry list of complaints that cheap fake plants do.

Can I Really Use Artificial Plants in Home Décor?

The beauty of artificial plants in home décor is unmistakable. They can be used anywhere. An artificial tree or tall faux plant can be put in an entranceway or backyard. Tabletop plants are perfect for home offices, work-from-home settings, bookshelves, dining room tables, and bathrooms. There are all sorts of plants in shape and size that can fit in various corners of the average European household.

If you’re too busy to take care of a real plant, don’t think you can’t have a garden or can’t maintain a plant aesthetic. You certainly can. You just have to look at and consider the advantages that faux plants bring with them. As a home décor item, there’s no difference between having a real plant and an artificial plant. There really isn’t. When you have them immediately next to each other, the difference in appearance is almost non-existent.

More people than ever are gardening at home. If you don’t have the time, you can always rely on Artiplanto for high-quality, realistic-looking artificial plants in Europe.
andrew lu