Elevate your home by creating a garden of natural stones and rocks mixed in with premium artificial plants.

What a rock garden is is a collection of rocks, just like a plant garden is a collection of plants. Depth and charm, a rock garden is as modern-minimalist as it is rustic and serene. Here are the ways you can craft a captivating rock-and-plant garden with ease.

Cluster Rocks

Rocks in nature don’t exist very often outside of a collection. In creating a rock garden, duplicating a natural presentation is often a strong recommendation. Try to cluster rocks coordinated but not overly coordinated in a cluster.

Clusters Around Plants

A rock garden doesn’t have to be strictly rocks. Mix in some differently-sized artificial plants. Tall trees, tabletop plants, and greenery in between. Have a mix of natural textures, colors, and elements working together with your rocks forming the foundation of the presentation.

Mix In A Water Stream

A water stream is an example of an eye-catching detail that isn’t in every rock garden. A pool of water can work as well, however, a water stream tends to have more movement to it. A mesmerizing décor element, they even make solar-powered water streams that can function outdoors if you happen to have your rock garden outside.

The ‘Centerpiece’

The centerpiece in a rock garden can be a large-sized rock. It can also be a fake plant like an artificial Hawaii palm tree. Your centerpiece sits at a focal point. You can build around it, varying height, color, and materials accordingly.

Rock Arrangements

Take your rocks and instead of clustering them together, set them out in arrangements, i.e. squares, lines, and abstract shapes. This can be difficult to work, however. It’s far more natural to cluster them.

Paint Your Rocks

Paint or stain rocks to add colors. You can go all-out bold with it or stick with neutrals. The colors can appear faded and worn or deep and glossy. It’s all in how you want to prepare your rock garden. You don’t have to follow the rules! Remember, this is about adding intrigue and what’s intriguing to you may be a little off-centre. That’s ok. Use it.

Define Pathways

Inside and outside alike can sometimes use help defining where to walk. Make the path clear. Install a sequence of rocks and artificial plants, such as the artificial agave potted plant. Arrangements vary on how to do this so it’s up to you to find a rhythm that works for you.

Rock Towers

Another interesting way to craft a rock garden is to stack small rocks to create rock hills or a tall rock tower. For this, you may want to use a clay or something to glue rocks together. If you are not concerned with them tumbling through, there are a lot of ways to vary height either with multiple towers or a single one.

A rock garden, like artificial plants, is one of those things that you can’t mess up. You can always start over, re-design, and re-decorate all according to how you feel. Visit Artiplanto.eu today to check out faux plants, greenery, trees, and flowers to add to your rock garden, be it indoors or outdoors.
Andrew Lu