Fake plants. Silk plants. Faux plants. Artificial plants. These plants go by several names but they ultimately all boil down to the same thing. They’re not real. They are plants made by artificial materials to look and feel like the real thing.

For the longest time plants like these looked and felt, well, fake. They didn’t quite hit the mark on realness. Even to this day, you can go to local shops and pick out plants on the cheap that aesthetically might come close but still don’t quite capture the magic of the real thing.

Is That Really A Fake Plant?

In recent years, artificial plants in Europe have grown to be normalized somewhat. This is due to advances in the faux plant category. Brands like Artiplanto have moved in and have invested more attention into crafting realistic-looking artificial plants.

The sort of plants you may find at a local shop are very cheap. In terms of the most realistic silk plants online, the price tag is higher. That’s because design teams are used to format and handcraft these plants. More expensive materials are used in the making of them. They are oftentimes painted by hand.

Even a botanical expert might mistake a faux plant for being a real one. That’s how authentic they look.

Why Are Artificial Plants Trendy?

Adding to this perfect storm of sorts are lifestyle and behavioural trends, particularly with millennials. A lot of us are busy. We have jobs. We have relationships. We lead lives that take us everywhere, from travelling to foreign countries to building side businesses.

Needless to say, millennials don’t have time to take care of a plant and ensure it’s getting everything it needs.

This means the only way for busy people to enjoy plants is to buy faux plants online. What they can do with artificial plants that are artistically done lookalikes is set them, forget them, and maintain their appearance without having to do anything.

Do You Have A Passion For Gardening

Some consumers will even use artificial plants mixed in between real ones. They may design gardens for indoors that they can enjoy year-round, regardless of what challenges climate and temperature may bring for what they have outside.

There’s no rule saying one has to either have real plants or fake plants. It’s all in how artificial greenery can suit your lifestyle.

What’s sure is that if you’re buying trendy plants specifically for their look or want to have a tropical, exotic, or non-traditional plant you can’t grow where you are, artificial plants are an alternative.

Brands like Artiplanto continue to take the characteristics and details of some of the world’s greatest indoor plants, transferring those into an artificial form and doing so with such accuracy that it’s hard to ignore that the landscape has changed.

See hyper-real artificial plants you can have at home, always looking its mighty best. True and natural, they are the perfect imitation and make for a keen replacement for plants that are problematic. Even a gardener won’t bat an eye when they see a faux plant as home décor. Find realistic detail in every leaf and stem. Shop with Artiplanto today.
andrew lu