Work is hard. That’s why it’s work. To succeed at making money and being productive, it takes focus. A lot can interfere with that when you’re working from home. Kids. Pets. Friends. Family. Distractions on your computer.

If you’ve seen your productivity tumble in the last year, you’re not alone. A subset of people, businesses, and entrepreneurs have struggled to remain productive in the face of economic shutdowns, changing rules and regulations, and adapting to what’s been a whole new way to work for a lot of people.

How to focus. How to concentrate. How to be more productive at work. How to make more money. These are somethings we are all chasing.

There are plenty of tools out there that help. There is significant evidence that supports artificial plants being one.

How Fake Plants Help You Be More Focused

A fake Bird of Paradise plant, on first inspection, looks like a plant. That’s not all it is though. An artificial plant improves mood, de-stresses a person, releases anxiety, and helps with wellness. A crucial element to productivity is well-being. This is where the relationship starts.

Artificial plants are incorporated into a variety of office designs and work-from-home décor. Perceptively, they make a room feel fresher, more welcoming, and comforting. Just like a corporate office uses plants to improve productivity so can you at home.

Are you looking to be more focused and productive at work – use a fake plant!

Can Fake Plants Really Help Mood And Help You Make More Money?

If you’re doubtful about faux plants impacting your work in this way, let’s look at the numbers.

  • Multiple studies demonstrate how artificial plants and plants, in general, leads to more positive emotional and physical health outcomes among workers. A recent study argues that a view of nature saves the average office $2,000/year per employee in general expenses.
  • An employee that has a view of the outside or a plant takes on average 2 fewer sick days annually. Cumulative absences like these cost entrepreneurs and small businesses $1,000,000s every year. 
  • Statistically speaking, more natural and outdoor-influenced spaces are preferred for workplace activities. Surveys have reported people feeling more creative, which can enhance troubleshooting and day-to-day conflict resolution.
  • A study on desk placement showed that moving a desk towards the window so that employees can glance outside made most people relax their eyes more often and engage in brief mental pauses throughout the day that restored cognitive focus. This increased productivity by 6%, saving $1,000s per employee on a daily basis.

Premium real-looking fake plants are associated with positive outcomes in money-making, productivity, well-being, healthcare, and more.

What Fake Plant Helps Productivity The Most?

There is no plant that’s more money-friendly or that will inspire higher productivity than the next.

Find a plant that speaks to you. For some, that’s a succulent. For others, it’s a tropical leafy king palm tree or something more extravagant. It could be something spiky and pointy, lush, light, or something relatively plain. carries all these beautifully-done artificial plants and others. They are crafted by hand, designed by teams of plant experts, and made to look like an authentic replica down to the finest detail. For artificial plants from all parts of the world, visit us. Measure the ‘before’ and ‘after’ to see the real impact a plant has on your productivity.
Andrew Lu