A faux plant wall garden is a statement piece. It’s not the sort of thing you find in any home and has the potential to be an explosion of color, greenery, and personality when done right. By building your own artificial plant garden, you also minimize the horizontal space in a room that plants would normally take up. With so many benefits and advantages to a fake plant wall, evidently the only thing left to ask yourself is how to build one.

Panels V. Grid Backing

The first step to building a plant wall is to decide between panels with glued pieces or a grid backing.

A panel provides a more permanent design if you intend to glue plants to it. A grid backing is recommended, however, as it allows you to modify things as the seasons change, remove greenery and add some, and isn’t so permanent. With a grid, you weave in the plants you like.

Using a grid, you can also use pipe cleaners and the like to wire different faux plants to the garden wall.

Buying The Faux Plants

The most costly part of the artificial plant wall is going to be buying fake plants. For this, you have hanging plants that work well and will cover lots of space. Greenery with large leaves is also helpful. You can blend in nearly any sort of greenery, including a mix of premium plants and cheaper options if the mood suits you.

The variety is key. Unless you want a whole plant wall to essentially look the same, a mix of leaf shapes and shades of green are important to having a mix of interesting elements at play.

Do keep in mind that you want to find realistic-looking plants. Avoid overly fake-looking creations. 

How To Mount An Artificial Plant Wall

You may choose to create a grid or panel and then mount it. You may also choose to set up a vertical grid and then start placing your plants onto it as it sits flush with the wall. Either way is alright.

When mounting an artificial plant wall or doing any sort of wall mounting, you will need a stud finder to locate the areas that offer the most support.

Also, it may take a few hours or even a few days to settle on a definitive plant look. You may opt to move a few pieces around and toy with the look. There will likely be areas needing embellishments.

The beauty about doing a DIY fake plant wall is that you don’t need to consider things like irrigation, how much sunlight’s going to hit it, or if there are plants that might not survive. The singular threat to it is if there’s greenery not properly glued or fastened in some way. If all is fully installed and stable though, you shouldn’t encounter any issues beyond a little dust.

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Andrew Lu