A new trend in faux plants is to paint them. This is particularly favourable with palms and more tropical plants.

Although this could totally destroy the realism of a plant, the pops of colour are a decorative addition to an artificial plant. It’s a fun DIY project that can be adapted to your personal preferences as well.

What do you want your colourful faux plant to look like – think about it! All in the same colour or bold multi-colours. Horizontal stripes. Polka dots. An expressive, abstract pattern. It can be anything you like. This is how you do it.

Clean Your Plant

If your plant has some dust on it, or if there’s a risk of that, ensure you wipe yours down with a microfiber cloth. You want a clean, even surface to start with.

Set Up In An Area

Put your stylish artificial plant somewhere that’s well-ventilated. This is like any other painting project. You want enough air to be around it to dry it quickly and get those toxic fumes out and away.

Prime Your Plant

First, you want to spray the leaves with a fine layer of primer. This is going to help the paint bond successfully to the plastic of your fake plant. Allow the primer to fully dry before moving onto the next step.

Once Dry, Paint Away

Now, it’s time to paint. Take a can of spray paint and hold the can approximately 30 cm away. Spray away. Always spray in steady back and forth motions. Leave to dry. Afterward, if you observe some areas the paint isn’t so even, you may want to apply a second coat.

The Best Plant For Painting

There is no best artificial plant for painting. The artificial Bird of Paradise plant has large leaves which are easy to cover in paint. A faux plant with smaller leaves can work just as well and are not necessarily any more difficult to paint if you’re using spray paint.

Can You Paint A Real Plant?

No, you shouldn’t paint a real plant. Paint can kill a plant or make it sick. This is where you want something artificial.

With a fake plant, you get the same detail you would as a real plant but none of the risks that you’ll kill it with paint and thereby render your décor project useless. There is no risk painting artificial plants, like this realistic faux spathiphyllum plant. They can handle the paint and should absorb it well so long that there’s primer put on first.

How To Paint On A Pattern

You can choose to leave your plant in a single color. That’s alright. You can also use an artist’s brush to put on a pattern of some kind with a contrasting color.

Do polka dots, stripes of paint, something abstract, or use a precut design to do a more detailed image. If you’re talented with a brush, by your hand, you’ll have plenty of control and can ensure an accurate result.

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Andrew Lu