Plants have a range of benefits, from redesigning a home in eco-friendly beauty to mood-boosting effects.

Indoor gardens and houseplants are not the easiest to care for, depending on the variety. Searching for the best plants to buy, it’s on you to be a good plant parent. Here’s how.

Pick the Right Plant

It’s key to have the right plants. If you’re a busy person that isn’t home every day, having a collection of plants that require watering every day isn’t the best move.

Choose according to your personality and lifestyle. Your plants are a reflection of you.

Real v. Faux Plants

Though you’re likely here for a real plant, an alternative that looks just as real is premium faux plants.

From brands online like Artiplanto, you can buy artificial plants that are hand-painted and handcrafted. They look real. They feel real. You can even mix them in amongst real plants, combining the fake and the authentic to create something more controlled for your home.

Plants v. Pets

If you have cats or dogs, the plants you choose should be non-toxic. This isn’t for the sake of the plant.

The best plants for pets include non-toxic plants like bird’s nest ferns, spider plants, bromeliads, money tree plants, string of hearts, fittonias, and more. An even better option for pets is non-toxic artificial plants.

How Much Water Does A Plant Need

Every plant needs water and some more than others. If you aren’t home much, a faux plant or plant requiring very little watering is best. Succulents fit the bill, as they store water in their roots, stems, and leaves.

There is also a long list of plants requiring watering only once a week, once every two weeks, or monthly.

How Much Sun is In Your Home

Plants need sunlight but not all require the same amount. You also have plants needing direct or indirect sunlight, or some in low-light or filtered light. There are all types. This is the biggest consideration for any plant parent.

How to be a plant parent involves knowing how to move plants to get them in front of the necessary light.

Feeding Your Plant

Yes, plants need to be fed. When we buy plant soil, it contains plant food. This keeps plants well-maintained and strong. Unfortunately, this feed deteriorates after a point. It needs replacing. Feeding plants needs to happen roughly twice per month.

There is also a risk of overfeeding your plants so do be careful and adhere to the instructions provided with each plant.

Repotting Your Plant When Needed

A plant can become root-bound, meaning the root’s grown around the pot and is beginning to come out the bottom.

As a plant grows and grows, eventually it will need to be repotted. An overly small planter is a problem because it restricts a plant. Alternatively, a larger-than-needed planter will smother a plant with too much soil and/or water. Repot your plant when needed.

Add a pop of greenery to your rooms. From dark greens to bright colours in home gardens and houseplants, there are a lot of ways to get it done. Find the right plant for you. The next time you want to shop artificial plants in Europe, buy online from Artiplanto.
andrew lu