A faux plant has a way of beautifying a space. Used in large interiors just like in small work-from-home office setups, something like a faux spathiphyllum plant can drastically alter a room’s atmosphere.

There are many ways to use an artificial spathiphyllum plant to infuse a space with new vibes. Fake plants do not look out of place in any modern home décor or design aesthetic, which is perfect if you enjoy being more experimental. You can take a room from drab and dull to something lively, vibrant, and luxurious with the right spathiphyllum at your side.

A Mix of Light And Dark Greens

Some plants exhibit a single color or a single type of green but a spathiphyllum offers a diverse collection of greens. This adds visual intrigue, particularly with the darker greens as a spathiphyllum’s chaotic symmetry between light and dark is very much a defining characteristic.

Shape It By Hand And Love It

A faux plant comes with bendable stems and leaves. The wire inside allows you to adapt the shape to whatever you wish it to be. If you want to extend the leaves further outward, do it. If you’d rather have your spathiphyllum more straight and tall, you can have that as well.

A Faux Spathiphyllum is Very Real

Some fake plants are exactly that. Fake. A faux spathiphyllum plant from Artiplanto is made by hand, designed by experts, and duplicates all the warmth and charm of a real spathiphyllum. Even an experienced admirer of houseplants is unlikely to spot your spathiphyllum as ‘artificial’.

Spathiphyllum Leaves Reflect Light

A major advantage to a fake spathiphyllum plant is that its leaves reflect light. This will help circulate available natural light around a space and will literally brighten it up.

What Planter Will You Choose

In terms of color and getting the design aesthetic just right, a huge aspect of this is in the planter you choose. A faux spathiphyllum is beneficial in the sense that it suits just about any planter. There’s not a whole lot of color, shape, or feel in a spathiphyllum that can’t be adapted to whatever you already have in mind.

Arrange Faux Plants To Taste

If you really want to dig into how to brighten a room with a faux plant, it’s not just in the look but how you arrange your plants as well. Here are some quick ideas on how to use a faux plant indoors.

  • Set it on its own. A single spathiphyllum plant in a planter of your choosing. This creates maximum visual impact.
  • Emphasize movement by arranging a row of spathiphyllum plants.
  • Create a symmetrical look with pairs of faux spathiphyllum plants strategically placed.
  • Settle your spathiphyllum plant in a dark corner and decorate it with accompanying décor, such as artwork.
  • For maximum brightness, put your spathiphyllum plant near a window or lighting source. This will allow it to be featured in a very eye-catching way while redirecting light around the room.

Shop for faux spathiphyllum plants and more at Artiplanto. Recreate the magic of real plants. Enjoy yours year-round in any room of the house. Brighten up your space and make it light!

Andrew Lu