From small business offices to multi-floor commercial complexes holding several offices, an appealing office space will impress visitors, and keep employees focused and enjoying coming to work every day.

Artificial plants in Europe for a business office are a common accessory included on most professional premises. They don’t wilt or fade, stay green year-round, and have almost infinite varieties to choose from. When investing in faux plants for your office, here are some tips to remember.

Where to Put Them

Artificial plants can go anywhere but it’s always important to sketch out a plan first on where they’re going to be put.

This way, you don’t buy a bunch of faux plants with nowhere clear to distribute them. Think reception, break room, individual desks, hallways, etc. All these areas potentially can be a place a faux plant is set.

Decide On A Theme

Ideally, you want to buy artificial plants together rather than separately. You want your plants to resemble a collection rather than a series of random choices.

After deciding on where to buy artificial plants online, the next step is to match the décor to a theme. It can be tailored to your brand’s colors, be a black-and-white aesthetic, or be all the same greenery just at different sizes and in different areas.

Less is More

You don’t want your business to look like anything less than a business. Do not pack in large amounts of plants.

Too many plants in a business space will make it seem like a jungle or an out-of-control garden and in all the wrong ways. Less is more, in an office. Avoid cluttering up a space with too many plants. When in doubt, scale things back.

Match Pots And Planters

A big part of the look of faux plants in a small business is what pot or planter you have them in.

Thicker greenery and multiple plants require a larger circumference to contain them. A taller artificial plant or tree tends to look better in a slim planter. You also have to consider the office décor or colours you already have going on in your office. It all blends together.

Differences in Height

There are large artificial trees common to lobbies, waiting rooms, and major business areas. Tropical plants, like palm trees, fit this mold.

Comparatively, you also have tabletop faux plants that can be put on any desk or shelf and ultimately look like they’re at home. What you choose comes down to taste and the available space.

Best Faux Plants For Offices

There are a lot of incredibly beautiful artificial plants businesses love, including olive trees, spathiphyllum plants, Bird of Paradise plants, fiddle leaf potted plants, travellers palm trees, sansevieria plants, Hawaii Kwai palm trees, and more.

These are a few of the places to start searching for a faux plant for an office.

For a more thorough selection of artificial plants for offices in Europe, shop them at Artiplanto today. Plants are a professional, productive décor piece every office can use. Artificial plants require no watering, no cleaning, and no weeding. Accumulate them and submerge your greenery amongst office décor. Spruce up your office with an investment that pays off in dividends. Faux plants will never fade! They’ll be brightening up your space for years to come.
andrew lu