After you buy an artificial plant online and you’ve unboxed it, the next step is putting it on display.

For so many people, this doesn’t come easily. Especially if this is your first fake plant. It may have looked a certain way online or in-store but in your home, it’s just not working with what you planned. Here is what you can do.

Buying the Right Faux Plant

A premium, realistic fake plant is what you want to start with, at all times. If you really want a knockout plants display, the elements you choose to include have to be right and that starts with the plant. A cheap-looking plant will always look cheap – this is worth remembering.

Buying the Right Planter For Your Fake Plant

The next step comes in the form of the planter. You want a minimalist, non-distracting planter to pair with your greenery. You may use a ceramic planter or concrete planter. There are also baskets and natural materials that can be fashioned into a planter for a faux plant.

Why Making A DIY Faux Plant Is A Bad Move

Lots of art projects exist online on how to make a DIY faux plant. They’re great art projects but they’re not the sort of thing you want to put on display trying to fool your guests that they’re authentic plants. To put it succinctly, they don’t look real. Once again, you have to rely on premium faux plants to get that authentic green plant look.

Plant + Planter + Location = The Win

After you put a fake plant in a planter, the next step is to put it somewhere it could realistically survive. This is attached to light. By a window. By where the sun shines. That’s where to place a faux plant or risk drawing attention to the fact that it might not be real.

Using Multiple Faux Plants And Planters

An impressive way to make a large faux plants display is to buy multiples. Two, three, four, or more. Although costly, you can arrange these in a lineup, a half-circle, separate them around a property, or cluster them in an arrangement you like. So long as the plants match in terms of aesthetic and there aren’t any color clashes with the planter, this can be a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the beauty around you.

What Do You Put Around Fake Plants?

In an artificial plants display, especially small to average sized ones, you can blend in more decorative materials and place them in the planter. This includes things like stones and crystals, bark and wood chips, slate, and any sort of hard and natural materials that can be used to manufacture a creative display.

Use A Microfiber Cloth to Dust

The last thing we want to mention about an artificial plants display is to use a microfiber cloth to dust everything before you invite your guests over. Dust can accumulate on fake plants. It’s something that will instantly make a plant look cheap and not real, even if all the other details suggest otherwise.

These are the basics to creating a fake plants display. A lot of these points can be further developed and, of course, it’s your display so you can get as wild or as minimalist as you desire. Shop your favourite premium artificial plants this season at
Andrew Lu