As slow as COVID-19 vaccinations have been, the more people that get vaccinated in Europe, the higher the percentage rises. Every day, we inch closer to a formal reopening of offices, businesses, and the corporate sector.

As we get closer to the COVID-19 reopening, here is how you can make your office warm and welcoming to employees, clients, and guests.

Accent Pieces

Accent pieces is a form of office décor that is not the focal point but which support the professional aesthetic. From realistic artificial plants in stylish planters to materials, art, sculptures, and general décor, there are a lot of tones, colours, and shapes to play with here.


An office that’s centered on creativity and supporting its employees will do what it can to make work fun. This can be as simple as hanging string lights or using an even more unconventional way to light a space. These work well in a break room or in areas that are separated from natural light sources.

Brand With Colours

Brand your office with your logo and colours that compliment your visual identity. An office shouldn’t feel like an impersonal place and yet so many do. Make an office feel totally and irretrievably yours.

Bring Outside ‘In’

Take natural elements from the outdoors and bring them inside. Offices can be cold and forsaken places. You won’t want to feel like you’re just a cog in the machine so infuse the space with vibrant natural elements like woods, stones, and even artificial plants.

Employee Ownership

An office isn’t just the home of your business. It’s where employees will come to support your corporate objectives for hours-on-end. Let them have some ownership of the space. Allow employees to decorate by bringing in artwork, DIY arts and crafts, and dressing their own workstations the way they like.

Prioritize Comfort

In the same way that you allow employees to decorate or contribute to the tone of décor, prioritizing comfort can mean discussing with employees what’s needed to allow them to feel comfortable, i.e. sit-standing desks, couches in the break room, fresh coffee, and things of this nature.

Reception Area

When you initially walk into your business, this reception area, lobby, or waiting room should be stunning. Fill it with premium faux plants, comfortable seats, artwork, and of course friendly employees.


You don’t have a trendy, warm, welcoming office without simplicity and cleanliness. A clean workspace is one that will keep employees focused and productive. Stay on top of daily cleans. Ensure paperwork isn’t left out. Etc.


An appealing scent goes a long way in making a place feel welcoming. Essential oils or candles both are great options for infusing a professional atmosphere with a non-offensive scent. Be careful not to go too exploratory with this as offices are notoriously non-scent environments. Something like lavender isn’t going to offend. More obscure scents may.

Offices are changing. More employees want to work from home. The COVID-19 reopening is an opportunity to eliminate the bad parts of office work, highlight the good parts, and make these environments more employee-centric. Visit Artiplanto today to order a key component to corporate office décor and commercial property décor, artificial plants.
andrew lu