How to Use Artificial Palm Trees to Add A Tropical Elegance to the Room

Tropical palm trees are a beauty in Europe. Even if you can’t grow them naturally, this doesn’t mean you can’t have some version of a palm tree. Try an artificial. Encapsulating just as much beauty as a real palm, a faux palm tree plant made from premium materials and sculpted to mimic a natural form is the perfect sultry addition to your property.

Why Buy A Palm Tree in Europe

  • Faux palm trees are fun and welcoming. Due to their tropical nature, they give off a real party vibe to them.
  • Faux palm trees are actually quite elegant and gorgeous. They calm a space and are a great stress-reducer if you’re in a high stress environment such as in an office or working from home.
  • You also have many types of artificial palm trees to select, ranging from a classic Hawaii Kwai palm tree to an artificial Areca palm tree or fishtail palm tree and everything in between.

  • How to Choose A Fake Palm Tree

    First off, the look of the palm. Some are big and expressive. Then, others are darker and more subdued.

    Before deciding on a faux palm tree, at least have a look at a couple of options. You may be surprised by how different palm trees can look when comparing varieties one next to the other.

    Secondly, an obvious issue with palm trees like the artificial Areca palm is their size. A real palm tree can grow to 25 feet in height. For an outdoor artificial palm tree, aim for something much lower. If it’s indoors, a faux palm tree in a tabletop planter may be enough. Consider the size you’re working with.

    Thirdly, what kind of planter do you want to use with your fake palm tree – there are so many options available!

    From brass to bamboo, cement, or even something homemade, the right planter combined with a high-quality artificial plant can make a massive visual impact. An advantage of an artificial palm is that its planter will not need any drainage or special accommodations.

    Lastly, quality matters. Know who you’re buying artificial palm trees online from. A site like Artiplanto is quality all the way. Some corporate retailer who doesn’t specialize in plants will probably provide something significantly less in quality.

    If you’re going to use a palm tree long-term, ensure you get something premium-made with premium materials. THAT’s going to last!

    How to Make it Look Tropical

    Tropical home décor can get tacky very quickly. The best way to approach it is to embrace minimalism.

    Choose elements that can be set up sparsely in the room and acknowledged independent of one another. Some examples are to combine an artificial palm tree with a premium rug made from natural materials, a photo of something remote and tropical or comparative artwork, and any sort of natural materials like wood, metals, stones, and the like.

    Shop artificial palm trees and more at Artiplanto. You won’t need to go far to get some tropical charm in your life. Make a statement with a high-quality realistic-looking palm. It’ll feel like a vacation at home. See them in all sorts of styles, sizes, shapes, and varieties!

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