While you’re away traveling for work or pleasure, if you’ve got real plants sitting at home, that’s a problem. Plants need water. They need care. If someone’s not there to help them along, they gradually wilt and end up dying in the long run.


If you know beforehand you’re someone who likes to travel or is required to travel for professional reasons, a real plant may not be a responsibility you want to take on. A better option could be an artificial plant. 


With a premium fake plant, you can travel all you want and you don’t have to worry about the state of your greenery. This is what’s made faux plants so popular on TikTok, Instagram, and in home décor circles. Young professionals, millennials, and adventurers can enjoy their lives without having to make arrangements with family or friends to look after their plant collection.


Despite the obvious advantages of artificial plants, a lot of people still prefer real plants. To properly manage a real plant, if you travel regularly, you may be able to swing it. Just remember that there’s always a risk of failure and at the end of the day, as so many people find out, an artificial plant, tree, or flower is far, far easier to manage.


How To Take Care Of Real Plants While Traveling


If you have multiple plants at your home that need care, start a chart of what each plant will require in terms of watering and attention. Separate your plants into two groups – one for low maintenance and the other high.


Before you go traveling, be sure to look through your real plants. Pamper them. Remove dead leaves stealing energy from the plant. Check the soil for fallen dead leaves and remove them. Trim anything that needs trimming. Get everything ready for your journey.


Next, soak your plants in a tub or shower to ensure they are fully hydrated. Be sure to rest your plants afterward to let the excess water drain. For plants requiring high humidity, leave them inside a bathroom that receives natural sunlight. This will create a microclimate with above-average humidity compared to the rest of your home.


When you’re away, keep your light low. The more light a plant receives, the more they photosynthesize and the more water they will need.


Lastly, you may want to make your own self-watering bottles or get self-watering accessories to ensure plants are given their best chance at success.


Are You Ready To Buy An Artificial Plant?


You don’t need to prune or pamper faux plants, of course. You shape them and set them in a planter, and you’re done. No hard work involved.


You may find out, if you travel enough, that it’s not worth it to most people to do all this for real plants. In this day and age, realistic artificial plants from Artiplanto.eu and other brands are out there and available. These look and feel like real plants. No one has to know they’re faux and there’s no worrying about them. They’re the perfect hands-off, low-maintenance plants for travelers, adventures, and busy professionals.


Shop the best faux plants in the UK and Europe this season at Artiplanto.eu. Make it easy on you the next time you want to go traveling. No plant-sitters needed. Find dozens of fake plants at Artiplanto.eu today.

Pedro Capitao de Salles