An ability to duplicate fine detail through today’s software and through the artistry of plant artisans, artificial plants have become a trendy, millennial-favourited home décor item.


Being an artificial duplicate of a real plant, there are a lot of misconceptions about what an artificial plant is and how it’s supposed to look. This pros and cons list for faux plants and fake greenery hopefully sheds a light on what to expect if you’re thinking about buying artificial greenery.


Pro – Lifelike Appearance


When you buy premium artificial plants online from specialty sites like, you’re receiving a plant that has been carefully crafted down to the finest detail to look realistic and natural.


Pro – Healthy, Natural-Looking Plant


An artificial plant is a plant that’s always looking its best. It looks healthy and natural, and you aren’t going to feel disappointed looking over at it, to see it yellow, wilting, and struggling to stay alive.


Pro – Lots of Varieties


You can make an artificial plant out of any plant. This opens the door to having plants that wouldn’t normally grow in your part of the world. For a sample look into what’s possible, see hundreds of silk plants at


Con – They Need To Be Dusted


A big attractant to fake plants is that they do not need any maintenance. While they don’t need water, nutrition, or sunlight, they can grow covered with dust over months, particularly if they’re inside an older home. So yes, your artificial plants may need the occasional dusting to get rid of this thin layer of debris.


Pro – Easily Movable


A faux plant can be repotted, reshaped, and moved with ease. Most artificial plants are lightweight and it does not take much effort to move them. There’s also no risk of them dying, unlike a real plant.


Pro – They Work In Many Locations


A faux plant is suitable for all over the house, even outdoors. That said, some of the cheaper artificial plants do not have UV protection. The sun can fade the colors over time. For more premium faux plants though, you shouldn’t encounter this same problem.


Con – They Can Be Expensive


The type of price you can expect for a high-quality, detailed faux plant can be quite high in comparison to what’s available at a local store. A plant can cost hundreds but as a long-term investment, you do get a durable plant with substantial value attached.


Pro – They’re Bendable


The stems and leaves of fake plants can be bent and reshaped according to the shape you’re trying to duplicate. This allows you to fit them into a space and shape them to suit the area as opposed to a real plant which can’t always be fit in like this.


Pro – They Do Not Grow


An artificial plant does not grow and change shape. This is actually a good thing. It will never outgrow the area it’s in or its planter.


If you aren’t yet convinced about what’s possible with artificial potted plants in Europe, visit to check out dozens of varieties in all sorts of sizes. From those under 1 metre to greenery exceeding 3 metres, find all sorts of one-of-a-kind, realistic faux plant creations that’ll elevate your space in a heartbeat. Check it out at right now.

Pedro Capitao de Salles