Artiplanto has bunches of premium artificial plants and trees on sale all summer long, with discounts as deep as 40% on some. These are plants and trees that you can’t kill. They work as premium home décor wherever they’re set and duplicate the detail of real plants. If you’ve always wondered about buying a fake plant, here’s your chance.


Why Now’s The Time To Buy Faux Plants


Summer is the warmest season of the year and the time when plants, flowers, and trees are flourishing. Unfortunately, not all of us have green thumbs nor do the homes where we live accommodate growing real plants. Even within these limitations and others, it doesn’t mean you can’t have plants of your own.


Move in your favorite faux plants on sale for 40% off and capitalize on the summer sales season.


Why Artiplanto Is Where To Buy Faux Plants


The best place to buy fake plants in Europe is Artiplanto. They offer better deals than similarly-designed faux plants found in-store and, on top of that, the detail is incredible. Hand-painted. Designed by entire teams of experts. You won’t help but be able to admit an Artiplanto artificial plant is the most realistic you’ve ever seen.


Browse dozens of unique faux plants and greenery, varying in size and shape.



  • Faux Fiddle Leaf Plants.
  • Faux Agave Tree Plants.
  • Faux Bird of Paradise Plants.
  • Faux Cactus Plants.
  • Faux Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plants.
  • Faux Aloe Tree Plants.
  • Faux Sansevieria Plants, or Faux Snake Plants.
  • Faux Monstera Plants.
  • And More.


Another advantage to buying plants online at Artiplanto is you can choose the size. If you are living in tight quarters and have very little area to dedicate to a plant, this is where you can buy a fake plant to the exact shape you want. Alternatively, if you want something large and expressive, you can also find that in the catalogue.


Should You Buy A Faux Plant This Summer?


Whether you are a homeowner or rent a flat, contemplating your home décor and buying an artificial plant is a natural thought. Faux plants are trendy. They’re affordable. They’re popular among young professionals, millennials, small businesses, and the like. The fact that artificial greenery isn’t organic also presents a lot of benefits.


  • They’re non-toxic.
  • They’re pet-safe plants and pet-friendly, even if they’re modelled after a real plant that wouldn’t be pet-safe.
  • They do not attract bugs or pests indoors and can be easily kept clean.


Find the plant you’ve always wanted, even if it’s not one that would typically grow where you’re living. That’s the beauty of premium artificial plants. You can have the plant of your dreams and never have to spend longer than a glance to maintain it. Welcome into your home faux plants that you can set anywhere and rely on to look their premium best, from being positioned on a windowsill to your work-from-home desk.


Artificial plants never die. You won’t have to worry about upkeep. You’ll have them as home décor for decades. They’re an easy ‘yes!’. Shop hundreds of faux plants and get the best deals and discounts with up to 40% off. Visit today.

Pedro Capitao de Salles