A bad reputation. That’s what artificial plants have to contend with on a daily basis. Years ago, they looked cheap and out of place. Today, there are millions of loyal artificial plant lovers all across Europe.

Before anyone goes slandering faux plants, check out some of these first. These are the most real-looking artificial plants that you can shop today through brands like Artiplanto.eu. These will convince anyone of the powers of faux plants and why they’re perfect for people that aren’t walking around with green thumbs.

Don’t be a doubter! Have a look.

Artificial Palm Tree Plant

Among the more popular artificial plants is the fake palm tree plant. Find yours in a range of different sizes and looks. They are relatively easy to duplicate and look identical to those from tropical settings.

Artificial Alocasia Plant

You don’t need to be an expert plant parent to take care of an artificial alocasia plant. A houseplant so many homes have cherished over the years, the faux alocasia is all that and more. Watch it year-round and put it on display proudly.

Artificial Evergreen Plant

An artificial evergreen plant is another classic European houseplant. It eschews trends in favor of adaptability in design. Put your evergreen wherever you so desire and supply your home with greenery that’s traditional, often relied upon, and visually full.

Artificial Monstera Plant

Monstera plants are another very popular choice. Their unique leaves are immediately recognizable. As they are artificial, they do not wilt or brown which are both worries for real Monstera lovers. You can forget to water this one all you like and it will consistently look its best.

Artificial Fan Palm Tree Plant

An artificial fan palm tree plant has almost hauntingly real finger-like leaves but is a very unique plant that’s sure to make an impression on guests. This is a great example of how far fake plants have come. A fan palm plant looks very real, a sincere replica of its real counterpart. The differences aren’t noticeable.

Artificial Fishtail Palm Tree Plant

An artificial fishtail palm tree plant is a stylish stunner. It is just as beautiful as its live duplicate, encapsulating all the exquisiteness of it without any of the responsibility. No hassle. No upkeep. Effortless home décor in a perky plant. That’s it.

Artificial Rubber Tree Plant

A faux rubber tree is a spectacularly beautiful plant that’s sure to make a statement. This tree resembles the real thing not only at first glance but when you dig into the details. Put it in an entryway to welcome people in with or use it to add some color to a dark corner.

Artificial Aloe Tree Plant

An artificial aloe tree plant is spiky and impressive. You may be tempted to water it based on its perceived dryness but don’t! An aloe tree looks like that. It is so realistic. You won’t know where ‘real’ begins and ‘fake’ ends. It looks great sitting on any bookshelf, coffee table, or kitchen countertop.

Shop real-looking faux plants in Europe at Artiplanto.eu and make it easier to have one or two plants around your flat!

Andrew Lu