A plant given as a gift. An artificial plant used as décor in the background or in a table centerpiece. Any cheerful occasion where you want to celebrate, décor plays a strong role in crafting the right atmosphere. From accents to statements, you can use premium artificial plants in a variety of ways. Here are the top 7 iconic artificial plants that are most suitable for a spirited celebration.

Olive Trees

Artificial olive trees have some real height to them. They can be easily put in a corner or lined across a background to create a real lively look. In the spirit of celebration, you can also crowd seating with tall faux olive trees and they add some nice privacy.

Palm Trees

A perfect fake plant for a party. A wide variety of faux palm trees exist and each with a slightly different look. You can go big or keep it small. A brightly coloured green palm tree as a centerpiece or arrange with some similarly-styled greenery can create some very celebratory rhythms in the room.

Sansevieria Plant

When you buy fake plants online, realism and detail are two things most people look for. A sansevieria plant, aka a snake plant, is easier to duplicate in faux form than other varieties of plants. The result is an ultra-realistic fake plant that flourishes in an aesthetic that’s a little non-traditional but perfect for the right person. An excellent plant for creative types.

Ficus Trees

Ficus trees have a trunk wrapped around itself. It’s a way different look. One of the best ways to enjoy this plant is displayed in an oversized planter surrounded by other décor and materials, including things like soil, moss, stone, crystals, lights, and anything you like more or less.

Fiddle Leaf Plant

One of the best-selling artificial plants this year is the faux fiddle leaf plant. Its gorgeous leaves charismatic and easy to shape at the stem are a great addition to a room where you want greenery but not something that’s going to overpower the festivities. A fiddle leaf potted plant can also be decorated according to how you like, with garland, string lights, or other festive elements.

Bird of Paradise Plant

A faux Bird of Paradise plant can come in pure green or with a little color. It can be quite large and is always very tropical-looking. Just because it’s tropical though does not mean that’s the spell it has to cast across the room. Bird of Paradise plants are very expressive, authentic, and beautiful. For a home celebration or even given as a gift, they are a fine way to spruce up the occasion.

Monstera Plant

A large Monstera plant is a true knockout. Monsteras are bold and big. It’s a lovely idea if you have to fill a large room or are celebrating with friends who aren’t opposed to the idea of being in a jungle-like vibe.

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Andrew Lu