The worst part of buying a houseplant and bringing it home, and then watering it, and giving it everything required to ensure its survival is watching it slowly fade and fade, and wilt, and eventually die. Without fail, most houseplants will die and rather quickly. That’s because most greenery isn’t made to live indoors. Even if you provide them with enough sunlight, water, and food, houseplants can still struggle to keep up and inevitably will pass away.

As disappointing as that sounds, the way we see it is that you essentially have three options.

  • You can continue buying houseplants like you always have, hoping for a different result.
  • You can buy houseplants that are a little less likely to be killed and which have a higher likelihood of not only surviving but thriving at least for a period of time.
  • You can make the switch to buying artificial plants that do not require any water or nutrition, and that will last forever.

What Houseplants You Can’t Kill

Right off the bat, let’s be clear. You can kill any houseplant. There is no such thing as life guaranteed when you buy a real plant. All sorts of things can go wrong, from having the wrong temperature to environmental stressors or it could already be something inside a plant that will prevent it from surviving.

That aside, of course, there are many plants more acclimated to indoor conditions. Lots of succulents are like this. Succulents can survive for a very, very long time without the need for extended exposure to light, water and the like. For something a little larger, the sansevieria or snake plant is similar to succulents in how they can survive indoors as a houseplant with little guidance. Spathiphyllum plants, pothos plants, zamioculcas plants, aloe vera, air plants, and more. These are all possible options if you insist on sticking with real, living plants for inside your home.

How Fake Plants Might Be Better

Consider what fake plants bring to the table. First off, no responsibility involved. They don’t need to be looked after. Secondly, if you buy your artificial plants from a premium source, what you receive will look lively and exceptionally real. Thirdly, and most important to this discussion, faux plants last forever. The biggest threat that stands in the way of an artificial plant looking its best is dust. Any dust can be wiped away in a heartbeat with a microfiber cloth or paper towel.

With faux plants, you also have the chance to have any type of greenery you want indoors. Artificial plants range from tropical palm trees three metres high and even higher to small succulents, flowers, and everything in-between. Being that they don’t need any sort of planter drainage, this also gives you the opportunity to put them in an artistic, minimalist planter that’s precisely the aesthetic you already have going in your décor.

Needless to say, you have a few options when it comes to looking at real houseplants or faux plants.

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Andrew Lu