The right faux tree can be an amazing purchase, filling a room with high-quality greenery and decorative nature-inspired shapes. As it’s not an organic plant, it does not need any tending to, either. It’s a simple addition to your home décor.


You don’t need a large indoor space to enjoy an artificial tree from Artiplanto, either. With sizes ranging from 3 feet to 8-10 feet in height, you can find premium artificial trees for every room, every space, and every person available at


Here are some of the best premium fake trees you can buy and some of our biggest sellers this season.


Faux Olive Tree


A faux olive tree is perfect for indoors. When you don’t have a big backyard or spacious patio, olive plants are an excellent choice because they can be shaped to fit naturally into almost any space.


Faux Rubber Plant


A faux rubber plant has a unique look to it. The realistic detail is unreal. The closer you get, the more you can see. Definitely not one of the usual suspects in the world of indoor houseplants, rubber trees are still quite popular.


Faux Ficus Tree


A faux ficus tree is a sturdy and beautiful premium artificial tree sure to be a showstopper when presented in the right light.


Faux Fishtail Palm Tree


You don’t have the average palm tree when you select an artificial palm tree. It’s fuller and with a lot more green at play. If you like having a lot of greenery, you may want to choose a fishtail palm over some of the other options on this list.


Faux Spathiphyllum Leaf Plant


Not your traditional tree, a faux spathiphyllum leaf plant is a special one. It’s got lots of charm and is unmistakably itself. A spathiphyllum tree does not look like any other tree. It very much has its own look.


Faux Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree


A good faux palm tree can come in many sizes. An artificial Hawaii Kwai palm tree is tall, light, and lush. There may be no better indoor palm tree or indoor tropical tree than this faux Hawaii Kwai palm plant.


Faux Fiddle Leaf Plant


The code of a faux fiddle leaf plant intricately brings together such detail. In every green leaf, you’ll find realism that’s been painted by hand and carefully identified by plant experts. An artificial fiddle leaf tree is another high-quality indoor houseplant option.


Faux Banana Tree


With its long green leaves, a faux banana tree is perfect for tight spaces. It can be shaped naturally aiming vertically upwards. A faux banana tree is perfect when you want to emphasize height over width in home décor.


Faux Fan Palm Tree


The wide-reaching, lush leaves of an artificial fan palm tree make this fake plant an attention-grabber. A faux plant like this will thrive in any indoor setting but with a faux fan palm plant, be sure you’ve got enough space to really spread out the branches and emphasize the tree characteristics.


There are dozens upon dozens of trendy premium faux trees available at These trees do well indoors and don’t need any watering or sunlight to keep looking their best. No more finicky trees not looking grand and no more dying plants. Shop high-quality faux plants and trees right now at

Pedro Capitao de Salles