Zen is calm and anti-stress. A zen home is a warm, calm place that keeps the stress out. The wanting of comfort and respite at home is nothing new. Lots of people want to feel that but unfortunately, chaos from other parts of life tends to get in the way. A lot of us bring home negatives and they paralyze the environment around us, preventing that sort of calm, relaxing atmosphere we want.


When creating a calm home environment, plants and nature should be brought in whenever possible. Even when they're artificial plants, zen is still present. You can find some beautiful fake plants that are easy to maintain and available in all sorts of sizes at Artiplanto.eu. These plants range from tropical trees to succulents and common houseplants, reinterpreted in premium artificial form.


Faux Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree


Create an interior oasis with the beauty of a faux palm tree, such as with this artificial Hawaii Kwai palm tree. If you love the feel of summer, you won’t get a calmer space than with an artificial palm plant.


Faux Bird Of Paradise Tree


A faux Bird of Paradise plant will fill your room with colorful greens and touches of zen. Especially when the Bird of Paradise is in a larger size, these are very pretty, realistically-detailed artificial plants.


Faux Fiddle Leaf Plant


Stimulate your sense of calm with a faux fiddle leaf plant. A popular and classic houseplant, channel zen with a fiddle leaf next to a natural light source such as a window or skylight. From Artiplanto.eu, this plant has a really relaxing ambience.


Faux Olive Tree Plant


A faux olive tree reaches upwards and has a bush of olive plants at the top. If you enjoy olives, having your own fake olive tree can add a whole new dynamic to a kitchen, dining room, or gathering area.


Faux Sansevieria Snake Plant


The aptly named snake plant offers a combination of dark greens that is unlike a lot of other greenery. In trying to get to a serene environment, décor like a snake plant can motivate creativity, self-expression, and intellectual thought.


Faux Travellers Palm Tree Plant


A faux travellers palm tree plant is a different type of palm, with larger cozy leaves and less coverage overall. As you can shape and reshape a fake palm tree plant by hand, having it in a corner is a perfect location. It’s out of the way and will provide some nice calm yet impactful hues.


Faux Spathiphyllum Leaf Plant


Pluck a faux spathiphyllum leaf plant from a garden and drop it into your zen home for a set of soothing greens that are difficult to ignore. This eye-catching plant is a natural accent to any room, offering a calm and sometimes tactile experience.


Faux Monstera Plant


Reduce stress and anxiety with a versatile Monstera plant. Available in several different sizes, Monstera plants and leaves make for a beautiful home décor choice for a zen room where the only priority is to relax.


Shop dozens of premium artificial plants on sale from Artiplanto.eu. Create a therapeutic zen home, with the right décor, furniture, patterns, and materials supporting the goal of an anti-stress, anti-anxiety, and calm property.

Pedro Capitao de Salles