What Is A Hanging Plant?

Living in the city can mean very little space to decorate. As a plant-lover, you really have to use your imagination and do the best you can with what you got. If you’re in a small flat, a lot of greenery and plants are going to get in the way. Buying a hanging plant, however, may be somewhat the alternative you’re looking for.

What Is A Hanging Plant?

A plant that hangs. It’s a vertical plant, in a sense. That’s a hanging plant. It’s plants that are sometimes vine-y and which will overflow and have stems that run down, giving things a very jungle-like feel.

Now, there are plants that are literally classified as hanging plants, yes. There are also ways to properly turn almost any plant into a hanging plant, using a hanging basket or planter. It’s relatively easy to do, although can be challenging if you’re using real plants.

Why Fake Hanging Plants Are Better

The issue that homeowners, home decorators, interior designers, and décor experts have long maintained with hanging plants is that they can be difficult to care for. Facing the ceiling, there’s not a lot of sun that gets to them. Watering them can be hard. The amount of soil they have is often quite minimal. In a lot of cases, these plants inevitably die.

This makes it all the more important to try an artificial hanging plant instead. A premium faux hanging plant handcrafted and realistically-designed will look real and complementary in any residence.

How To Use Hanging Plants

There are several ways to use a space-saving hanging plant. Here are a few ideas to try.

  • Ceiling mount a hanging plant. This is the most basic way to do a hanging plant. You just need to ensure there’s not too much weight on the mount and that it is fully secure where it is.

  • A freestanding ladder or plant stand is another way to position a hanging plant in a location that allows it to flow down. The difficulty here, of course, is that any freestanding stand is going to take up some amount of space which may be the exact thing you’re trying to avoid.

  • You may want use a wall-mounted hook or something of the sort to carefully locate a faux hanging plant at a more appealing height than what’s possible if it was mounted from the ceiling.

  • Although most people are satisfied with only one hanging plant, there are lots of ways to use multiple hanging plants to create unique patterns and rhythms in a room. Even two or three hanging plants are enough to arrange in different ways, be it a line, half-circle, or symmetrically balanced across the room.

    If you’re looking to buy small faux plants, artificial hanging plants, wreaths, and faux flowers, Artiplanto.eu has all of this greenery and more. Whether you are going to mount, use a freestanding stand, stick them on a shelf, or simply drape them at the edge of your table, a collection of indoor artificial hanging plants can really beautify a space. Shop with Artiplanto.eu and find yours.

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