What Is An Artificial Plant Trellis?

Even though an artificial plant isn’t living and breathing like a real plant, it doesn’t mean it’s lightweight.

Every plant can use a little support, especially if you want to present it in a certain way. A trellis adds that support. It’s a sort of way to prop up a plant and add a backdrop while containing growth.

Trellises are normally associated with real plants as they grow and spread in a way that can unfortunately result in stems snapping from the weight. A trellis is a wooden or metal framework that is positioned strategically somewhere near or around the plant and prevents the plant’s weight from causing damage to it.

Some naturally mix up an arbor and a trellis. An arbor is an entryway and a freestanding plant element usually exclusive to a garden. A trellis is a screen. It’s a vertical support. It’s almost a privacy barrier in a way as well.

Adding a trellis to your faux plant garden, you’ll come to find there are many shapes, sizes, and styles. What you choose really comes down strictly to its look and form, and what you like it to be.

What About An Artificial Plant Trellis?

So you normally see trellises with fruit trees and climbing plants and the like. With any faux plant trellis, you don’t have the growth to worry about and the weight is evenly spread as it’s handcrafted and purposefully designed.

Immediately you’re taking the ‘function’ aspect of a trellis out of the equation. This lets you, a designer, come up with as wild a trellis as you like and be able to have it the way you want with no conflict.

The result is a trellis that is more decorative than supportive. A fake plant shouldn’t need any support. They can benefit from a little presentation, however. You may want to buy faux plants that match the trellis or take your trellis and color it up if you want something especially one of a kind.

A light wooden or metal frame as background can even make a faux plant appear more realistic. Someone who does not know whether your plants are real or fake, and assumes them to be authentic, will see the trellis and assume it’s doing the work it would normally do with a real plant.

How Do You Use A Trellis?

A trellis is easy to install in any planter or basket. You just dig it into the dirt and then, set your greenery next to it.

Considering that it’s more decor than anything, some may want to DIY a trellis and make their own using materials from the bargain bin or make one from sticks. It’s fairly simple. A trellis is universally known as a strong vertical. A strong vertical! That’s the whole thing. If you can make that happen with whatever materials you have, it’s yet another way to decorate with artificial plants and greenery.

Are you looking to buy faux plants? See the best in artificial plants in Europe and more at Artiplanto.eu. Set your favourites in a planter with a trellis and use the bendable stems to form a perfect plant aesthetic.

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