Decorate your home with an artificial ficus plant. A great addition indoors or outdoors, it is very adaptable to different décor aesthetics and being artificial never quits on you. A faux ficus doesn’t need watering, sunlight, or anything special. They will always look exquisite.

What Is A Ficus Plant?

Ficus plants are known by many names. They are sometimes called figs, fiddle-leaf figs, Indian rubber plants, and more.

A very popular tropical plant, ficus trees and plants are an underrated selection among the dynamic varieties of artificial greenery.

There are more than 800 types of ficus plants in nature. They have a long history in human civilizations, with many believing ficus plants are one of the first plant species to be grown deliberately for agricultural purposes in the Middle East. Although this is only a theory at the present, that would have happened over 11,000 years ago which would mean ficus trees preceded the cultivation of grain among human communities.

What Does An Artificial Ficus Tree Look Like?

An artificial ficus tree plant looks identical to the real thing. It is characterized by the twisting branches that form the trunk. A real ficus tree produces fruit. A faux ficus obviously does not. In natural tropical conditions, a ficus can grow up to 60 feet tall. In artificial form, height is more restricted.

There is a range of heights of faux ficus trees and varying shapes of artificial ficus plants. The canopy atop it is comprised of glossy-looking leaves and branches that gravity gracefully pulls down.

Trying to grow a real ficus plant in Europe is problematic for a lot of reasons. A lot can go wrong. It’s not the natural climate that these trees and plants are used to. When a ficus does grow successfully, its growth can be very invasive. The roots can spread quickly and go under our roadways, gardens, and even lifting stone walkways.

If you want a ficus tree houseplant, our best suggestion is to go with an artificial plant. Why is because a ficus tree indoors will grow too large. That’s almost a certainty. It will need to be repotted eventually. Then, one day, you won’t be able to keep your ficus tree plant indoors any longer.

What You Can Expect With An Artificial Ficus Plant

Some of the first artificial plants made were patterned off ficus plants. Sold today to various commercial corporations and property management firms, ficus plants are an oft-requested artificial plant.

Faux ficus plants are easy to clean. All it takes is a microfiber cloth to remove any dust that accumulates on the plant over time.

The realism and detail incorporated into modern artificial ficus plants are also unbelievable. Artiplanto is a great example of this, with design teams going through a painstaking amount of detail to achieve true-to-life artificial ficus plants. The bendability of the stems also means an artificial ficus can be reshaped to match a certain aesthetic. As décor to offices, hotels, healthcare facilities, and everyday flats and homes, something about a ficus plant just works.

Shop artificial plant varieties in Europe, including ficus plants and trees, at Artiplanto today. A lovely plant, these are designed with expert-level craftsmanship and the end result is something that can easily be mistaken for real. Shop them at Artiplanto.
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