Faux plants aren’t just a replication of something real. They’re home décor. They’re an interior designer’s best-kept secret in a lot of ways. Artificial plants are a way to self-express with no responsibility attached to watering plants or ensuring they get enough sunlight, or ultimately struggling to keep them alive. While all real plants inevitably wilt and fade, fake plants do not hence why they’re so popular.

If you’re buying fake plants in the UK or Europe, you have to remember these are going on display. You’re probably going to have these plants out every day for at least a season, if not longer. Cheap, fake-looking greenery has no place here. You don’t want to feast your eyes upon greenery you bought where you compromised on cost and got something a little less than desirable. No, no, you’ve got to find a good-quality faux plant with some legitimacy to its design.

Fortunately, there are several brands specializing in faux plants that are worth checking out. Alongside selling planters and baskets, one name that’s growing in European home décor is Artiplanto.eu. 

Artiplanto.eu uses design teams from around the world. These are experts in plants and plant design. They handcraft artificial plants to resemble the real thing, hand-painting them and optimizing the feel and texture. If you are looking to buy faux plants in the UK or Europe, at minimum, find a brand that specializes in artificial plants. Don’t just go anywhere. You want a plant that’s been worked on, fine-tuned, and that you will be endlessly pleased to see sitting in your room.

Where Will You Put Your Artificial Plants?

The dynamic nature of faux plants is that they fit into so many different rooms and home décor aesthetics. It’s not uncommon to see an artificial plant on the end of a home office desk, or somewhat hidden on a bookshelf, on a bedside table, by the entryway, or even mounted like a hanging plant in the hallway.

If you’re wondering how to incorporate fake plants into your home décor look, plants will rarely clash. You don’t have to worry about an artificial plants’ home décor style. It’s the planter or container it’s in that will cause a conflict, if there is one. Choose a planter that’s in line with everything else in the room. If your aesthetic is minimalism, find a minimalist planter. If it’s eco-friendly naturalism, find a basket or planter made from natural materials.

Fake plants are trending in a big way and there is no rule saying you can’t have two, three, or more. There are lots of unique configurations you can set up with multiples, from direct lines to half-circles and similar directional shapes. You can use them indoors or outdoors. Faux plants spaced out symmetrically is another way to imply a certain visual rhythm.

Needless to say, there’s a lot you can do with artificial plants but it all starts with getting the right plants for your needs. Check out the selection at Artiplanto.eu and find out first-hand why we remain the best artificial plants supplier in the UK or Europe.
Andrew Lu