A bedroom is a private place. It’s where we sleep, get dressed, and relax. Studies have shown artificial plants help induce calm and can reduce feelings of anxiety. They’re a natural addition to anyone’s bedroom but bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes, as do artificial plants. What plant to buy for a bedroom and where to put your plant are two important questions.


What Plant To Buy For A Bedroom?


There is no argument that can be made for any one fake plant being more calm and positive than any other. Follow your heart. Have a look at some faux plants at Artiplanto.eu and make note of what resonates with you.


A fake olive tree is pretty and big. An artificial Hawaii Kwai palm tree is tropical and light on the eyes. An artificial Bird of Paradise plant adds some color and wildness. A faux Monstera plant comes in various sizes and is also a favorite among people searching for houseplants.


There are also more unexpected choices that might strike the right mood. An artificial snake sansevieria dark green plant is straight, stiff, and expressive. A faux fan palm tree is wide and fills the room with beautiful shadows under the right light. You also have artificial cactus plants that come with their own individual aesthetic.


Where To Put A Plant In A Bedroom


Every bedroom is configured a little differently around the centerpiece that is the bed. A fake plant can fit in almost anywhere. On a windowsill. On a side table near the bed. In a floor planter in the corner of the room, if it’s a premium artificial tree. It’s not necessarily where you put the plant. It’s how it’s presented.


  • Try multiple plants at slightly different heights, creating the sort of look you might find in nature.


  • Opt for simple, minimalist planters that won’t distract from your plant but also that look presentable and nice.


  • If you want to go wild with your faux plant choice and have the ceiling height, a large artificial tree reaching up two or three metres in height extending over your bed can completely transform the look of your bedroom.


  • Work on creating a zen bedroom with not only faux plants but other calm décor, i.e. your favorite book, soft materials and textures, and soft lighting. It’s not just about what artificial plant you’ve chosen but what you put around it as well.


Wherever you place your faux plants in a bedroom, be sure that they are out of the way. This is one of the quickest ways to wreck a bedroom floor layout or to reduce the impact of your plants and bedroom décor. You shouldn’t have to tip-toe around your plant to navigate the room and it shouldn’t be anywhere that isn’t intuitive.


Ask yourself what feels most natural to your bedroom according to what’s already there. That’s where your plant should go.


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Pedro Capitao de Salles