As a proud plant parent to a premium artificial plant, you learn a thing or two about how to present and maintain them over time. When you buy from, it’s not like making a purchase in-person. The experience of buying and setting up an artificial plant may be unexpected to some. This article will hopefully clear up a few things about buying faux plants online.

Adjusting The Branches

The stems or branches on a lot of artificial plants are bendable and can be reshaped. While shipped, they often won’t resemble the look you want. When they arrive, remove your faux greenery from the box and begin on reshaping the stems and leaves.

You may want to use a photo of a real plant as inspiration or use your own tastes as a guide.

What Planter To Use

An artificial plant can be put into any planter. There are no size restrictions or need for drainage holes. You may want to keep things fairly standard and go with a terracotta planter or search ceramic, natural planters, hanging planters, and more.

You can make a home out of any container to place your faux plant in. Trust the visual.

Where To Place Your Plant

A faux plant doesn’t need anything special. You can place your plant almost anywhere. Do beware of wind if you place it outside. Depending on the weight of the planter, a strong gust toppling a faux plant isn’t unheard of.

Another thing to be conscious of is the heat of the sun. Just like with a real plant, in extreme sunlight, any material can burn or fade over time. 

How Do I Clean Artificial Plants?

How to clean faux plants is easy. The biggest threat to faux plants is dust. The accumulation of dust can make a lifelike plant look very fake. Ensure you are routinely inspecting your plants and giving them a dusting before company comes over.

You can use compressed air, a microfiber cloth to gently wipe the leaves, or a duster.

How Long Do Artificial Plants Last?

You can hold onto a fake plant for decades and have it always look its best. That is, however, assuming you’ve purchased it from a premium brand. A cheap fake plant is always going to resemble something fairly cheap-looking. Understandably.

A faux plant will last forever so long that it’s not damaged in any way. Things happen though. Fortunately, artificial plants are fairly resilient. If you treat them like any other piece of décor, chances are it will last for a very long time.

A strategy that some homeowners use to help keep things fresh is to rotate their plants in accordance with the season. They combine it with other décor to come up with specific décor arrangements for spring, summer, fall, and winter. That is by no means a necessity but it is one strategy that can be used to prevent a pristine-looking faux plant from looking dull after it’s sat out for months.

Shop premium artificial plants and more at and follow your preferences in setting them up. There is no right or wrong way. It’s all in what you see for the room in front of you.

Andrew Lu