What Room in the House is Best For A Fake Plant

Are you looking for ideas on how to decorate your home – try artificial plants. With true-to-life detail, there is no shortage of possibilities when it comes to using faux greenery and plants to create comforting, calm spaces.

Every room is different. Décor themes that work for your kitchen aren’t going to translate well to the bedroom, for example. How to highlight the natural themes and functions of each room is important. This is an exploration into how fake plants can be used in the various rooms of an average European home.


Entryways tend to be small. At your door, a small table and a tabletop plant is a nice touch. It doesn’t overtake the space but adds something special here.

If your entryway opens up to a larger welcoming room, this is where a lot of fun can be had. Symmetrically-spaced couplets of artificial plants, large artificial plants and trees extending a handful of metres high, and large, lush arrangements of green.

Dining Room

The dining room is one of the best rooms in which to set artificial plants. It’s where we relax and gather, and in that, greenery certainly has its place.

Faux plants as a centerpiece on the dining room table works, as do artificial greenery spread across shelving or side tables. For this area, use very simple plants in simple planters. You won’t have attention on the plants. It will be on others in the room. What’s required here isn’t a showstopper.


Decorating your bathroom is fun and expressive. It is a room with high amounts of humidity. This needs to be taken into account. A bathroom is a practical place for real and faux plants, especially on items like over-the-toilet shelves or storage spaces in the room.

You can easily use artificial plants in a bathroom though be sure not to use too much. It can transform a space into a jungle if you employ too many plants in such small quarters.

Living Room

The living room or family room is your main gathering space. You can easily get very creative employing artificial plants here. Use big trees. Try tabletop plants. Craft different plant arrangements or separate faux plants out into individual planters. It’s all up to you.

If there are colours present in your greenery, use them to synchronize properly with what’s in the room.


Bedrooms are perhaps where you can get even more creative. Customize a set of bedroom artificial plants to match the atmosphere you want. Carve out a design that’s dark, or busy, or illustrated, or simple, or bright, or romantic. It’s your space to do with what you please.

Faux plants in bedrooms are best when they exist independently. Clusters of greenery don’t often work but that doesn’t mean it won’t. Blend in your plants seamlessly into the furniture you have. See what works.


Kitchens are not where you want artificial plants. Kitchens are for cooking and food prep. Any greenery is just distracting or it gets in the way physically. Make the call to put your plants elsewhere.

This is just the start. We haven’t even mentioned what you can do with hallways, stairwells, basements, attics, lofts, open-concept spaces, work-from-home offices, or guest bedrooms. Appealing visual décor can transform how you feel living, working, and eating in a space. Set yourself up with the right tone and atmosphere for your home. Shop premium artificial plants from Artiplanto today.

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