Plants are lively and colourful. They can be the centerpiece to a space or be secondary and support existing décor.

Interest in plants hit a new peak in 2021 and continues to rise. From millennials renting a flat to homeowners across Europe, plants are a way to fill a room with impactful natural colour. The downside, however, is the responsibility they come with.

Real plants have to be cared for. They need to be watered, given sun, fed with the right soil nutrients, and put into the right temperature and climate conditions to thrive. This isn’t always possible which is why some of the more exotic and tropical plants in Europe wilt, fade, and die.

A plant doesn’t need to be real to have the sort of visual impact you want. Artificial plants are easier to maintain, requiring nothing more than a keen eye for where to put them. Even the hardiest of plants unfortunately can die. Artificial plants do not. They don’t require any regular attention. Though there’s nothing wrong with real plants, the easiest way to green your household’s to rely on high-quality premium-designed artificial plants.

Where Can I Buy Artificial Plants in Europe

Cheap faux plants exist. Local shops are full of them. They cost very little but they don’t look like anything resembling a real plant. These are the type of purchases you want to avoid when searching for faux plants for home décor.

Look for premium artificial plant brands, like Artiplanto. The varieties of artificial plants found at Artiplanto and similar brands are made from premium materials. These plants are meticulously designed, crafted and sometimes painted by hand. The detail is unparalleled. The result is something resembling the most realistic faux plants in the world.

  • Choose your size.
  • See the detail in every leaf and every stem.
  • Have a plant that lasts longer and looks more realistic.
  • Get better quality artificial plants than what’s available on Amazon and through brick-and-mortar retailers.

If you’re looking to buy artificial plants in Europe, these are just a few of the reasons to try Artiplanto. There is no one-size-fits-all with plants. They provide a great selection varying in size, type, shape, and colour. If you want to purchase an artificial plant, search out the right option according to the dynamics of your space.

Beloved faux plants here include a mix of classic fake plants and trendy selections, from palm trees to Monstera plants, olive plants, Bird of Paradise plants, fiddle leaf plants, dracaena plants, banana tree plants, and more.

There is no ‘best artificial plant’. So long as they are designed with the proper detail and use premium materials, any plant will do. Find something that speaks to your personality. Plant preference is unique to the person. There is such a wide range of plants available. The ultimate benefit is common among each and that is that they do not need to be taken care of. From artificial trees extending 3 metres high and above to smaller plants you can fit on a tabletop, artificial greenery exists for everyone.

Visit Artiplanto today to see some of the most unique, detailed, and realistic-looking faux plants in Europe.
andrew lu